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The Wolf Among Us: Episode 5 - Cry Wolf Walkthrough Chapter 3: Vagabonds

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Bigby follows Georgie back to the strip club. Enter through the door on the right.

Enter the doorway.

Bigby finds Georgie sitting next to Vivian's decapitated corpse. If you jumped on Georgie's car you would have seen Vivian alive and talk to her but she would take her life all the same.

Georgie is evasive all to the end.

He tells you that Vivian took her own life.

The reason she killed herself was to lift the magic that caused all the rest of the women to be unable to talk.

Georgie puts the blame for the deaths of the women on the Crooked Man.

Eventually he will give up the location of the Crooked Man.

A more important decision will be to end his suffering by killing him or leave him to die slowly.

Bigby leaves the Pudding n' Pie to find the Crooked Man.