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The Wolf Among Us: Episode 5 - Cry Wolf Walkthrough Chapter 5: On Fairness

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Snow has gathered all the fables around the witching well.

Bigby brings in the Crooked Man.

The Crooked Man reveals to the rest of the fables who killed the women.

He wants to defend himself on his trial but Snow wants to read his charges first.

The Crooked Man begins to defend himself.

The Crooked Man will try to turn the crowd against Bigby and Snow.

If you killed Dum in a previous episode the Crooked Man will bring it up to turn the crowd against Bigby.

Nerissa will come to tell the fables that she witnessed the Crooked Man ordering the murders. Her spell of silence is lifted after Vivian's death.

The group has trouble deciding what to do with the Crooked Man so they appoint Bigby as the judge.

Ripping his head off will scare the fables. They will agree that throwing him down the well was the proper thing to do. You can lock him up forever as well.

He will try one last desperate attack. It's time to decide his fate.