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Tomb Raider: Legend Walkthrough Level 2: Peru - Return to Paraíso

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Kill all the gurads and take their weapons.

Cath rhe flag and jump on the terrace,then use the rope skill with pressing the jump button twice.

Kill the shotgun man and take his bombs.

Kill the rest of the soldiers but be cearfull because bombs are everywhare.

Now you will ride a bike and have some "fun".

While driving the bike kill the guards.

Get behind the left truck kill the gurads and go on the truck.

Press Duck button to pass the wall.

Swing on the bar and catch the edge of the wall.

Push the ball throw the arrows because you can't pass from them.

Catch the rope and jump up on second floor.

Swinging jump on the rope and then on the ground in front of you.

Get into water.

Find the secret room and get up to take a breath.

Get near to the crystals and press USE button on all of them(4-of them).

"Here you will need to find each ball and get them to the marked areas.

Get in the room and then get right back from you came.

Use the edges of the wall so u can go ahead.

Here you will need to catch the rope and to swing ahead.

Kill the guards.

Go up using the rope and the skales.

Kill all of the guards and you will finish the first chapter.