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Tomb Raider: Legend Walkthrough Level 6: England - King Arthur's Tomb?

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Use your magnet rope to open the door on the wall.

hen move the box under the opened hole and to climb up there.

Next use again the magnet rope to remove the door and get outside.

When you go outside use the edges up the window to move to the electricity terminal.

When you go there, get near it and press E.

Then use the bars and edges of the wall to get back in the house.

When you get back,go to the sword and pull it with pressing E.

When you go to the next enterance go to this object and press the button.This will do it with pressing E.

Climb and jump on the bars to move forward.

On the last bar you will need to jump and catch the door but when it opens jump on the bar back again.

Again press the button E when you get near the object.

Aim on the shining part of the rope and destroy it.The boat will make a road to get forward.That will help you get on the other side.

After that you will need to pull again the sword.

When pull it throw your magnet rope to open the door like on the picture and fast go through it.

Here you will need to use your rope again and remove the door on the wall.Then with the forklift make the boxes like stairs so you can climb up through the door.

The stairs should be like this.

When you finish there,get the forklift and go downstairs,when you enter this room go ahead and smash the grave with the forklift.

After that,on left site there is wall that you will need to brake it like the grave with the forklift.Then move forward.

When you get to the closed gate use G button to open it with your vehicle.

Again smash the wall.

Here you will need to use the edges of the wall to move forward as needed,but do this fast because the edges are unstable and you may die.

Use the rope to get on next stairs and go down.

Here you will need a big jump to get on the other sifde of the land.

Now you will need to pass the fire.Use your magnet rope to pull the box on the begining of the fire and jump the fire.

Same thing here.Use you rope to near the box to the gate and climb on it.Now you can jumo the wall.

When you see this lever,pull it with pressing E.

Then block the moving swords with the boxes like the game needs and move forward.

Again,move the box on the beginning of the fire then jump on the other side through the fire.

Again pull the lever.

Now you will need to bring some object where you standing to keep the door under you open.Get into the water and get on the other side.

Use your magnet rope to swing the candlestick to break down.

Same thing bihind you.

Again use your magnet rope to get the grave box out from the wall and jump on it.

To bring the box back on the other side,use the magnet rope and pull it on lighters.This is the only way to get the box on the marked place.

Move down through the door.Then jump in the water.

Use the lever to open the door bihind you.

Go through the door.

Again use the lever.

Go through the door.

Here you will need to attach your rope to the shining candle and pull it.

Clib up on the edges and get up.

Use the swinging bar to move ahead.

Here you will need to use Jump-Throw Magnet Rope skill and catch the next swinging bar.

After you pass the you will need to climb up on this golden ring and jump on the building.

Then go down using the rope.

Now go to the BEDWYR grave and pull it next to the stubb behind you.

When you do that,throw the magnet rope on the lighter and swing it.Then fast climb on the stubb to catch the rope of the BELL so the bell will go up and the swinging lighter can hit it.The whole point is to make the bell ringing.

Here is how to climb up the bell.

Here the loghter is hitting the bell and it rings.

After that escape from the room.

When you escape the room you will need to kill the water beast.Shot the Metal objects like on the picture.They are going to release noises and the monster will indulge on them.Then hurry use the magnet rope to pull the shining lever.Now the cage up the monster will break and will hit it on the head.You will need to do this on every cage in the room(They are 4).

When you kill it go to the exit door.

This is the escaping of the room.

Use your magnet rope to jump on the other side.

Swing on this bar and move forward.

First you will need to destroy the shining ring like on the picture and use the rope to climb up and jump forward.

Use the edges of the walls and move forward.

Here you will need to pull the lever and open the door.

Get back where you came.

Again use the boxes to pass through the fire.

Use the lift lika a transport vehicle to get up.

Press E button and use the magnet rope to swing the lift so you can jumo forward.Kill the rest of the guards and thats it.You made it.