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Tomb Raider: Legend Walkthrough Level 7: Nepal - The Ghalali Key

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Here you will need to go forward and jump on the bar in front of you.

Swing on it and when you jump catch the edge of the wall but be fast,the bar that you are swinging on it will break down.

Turn back and you will see the green spot.This means to use the magnet rope skill and swing on it,then jumo and catch the iceberg.

Turn back and catch the edge of the wall.Move forward

Here you will need to go right into the cave.

To move ahead you will need to shot the ice door.

Go forward and climb up on the stubb.

Then you will need to slide on the sloping bridges.

Use the bar and then the magnet rope-skill to move forward and enter the cave.

As you see you'll need to get into the crushed plane.Enter it.

Be carefull.Bring the crushed part of the plane with the magnet rope to move it on the plane,so it will be balanced.After scenario use the arrow buttons as they show on the screen.

Use the bar to get on the sloping land.And move forward.

While sliding shot the ice down there so you can move through it.

Again shot the ice.

Use the bar to go forward but be carefull,it breaks.

Jumo on the edge of the wall and do as game requirers.

Jumo and catch that stone but be carefull,it may break down.

Use the swinging bar to move forward.

There are also icebegrs,they are same like swinging ropes but they don't moves.

Also here use the edge of the wall to move ahead.

Here take a big jump and catch the other edge.

When u escape the cave kill all the enemies and climb up on the stubb in front of you.

Then jumo on the stubb on the left site of you.

Climb up on the roof of this building.

Use the rope to get on the other side of the yard.

Move forward to the lake.

Use the icebergs to pass the lake.Be carefull,the water is freezing,you may die.

After some icebergs you will need one extra to pass to the next.Aim up of you and shot some ice.

After scenario get back.Use the moving icebergs to pass the lake.

When you escape the lake kill the white gepard.

Use the magnet rope skill to swing on the other side of the room.

Here as you see the door is closed.FIrst kill the white gepard.One of the boxes must be climbed up on the door.

First,on the left side bring the smaller box on the marked place.

Then go on the other side and bring the box on the marked place.

After that return on the other side and move also the bigger box,then climb up on the roof od the small building.

Bring the box on the marked place to open the door.

Enter inside and go forward.

When you get the sword go left and find the escape door.This door is cracked but still is up.You will need to hit it with the sword and break it.

When you escape the door fast jump on one stubb to another to avoid the crash.

Move through the bridge and jumo on the edge of the stairs.You made it.The "Nepal" level is complete.