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Tomb Raider: Legend Walkthrough Level 1: Bolivia - Tiwanaku

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Get near the Rock and pres E button to push the stone.When u push the stone down you can go forward.

Now you will need to jump and to catch the rope.Next u will need a bigger stranght to get behind the waterfalls.You will do that swinging on up and down buttons on the keyboard.

Here you will need to catch the rop so you can get bigger stranght to catch the rocks.

As we can see there is a rock in front of Lara.Now you need to get the rock on the wood so it will pop up and you can catch the branch and get forward.

Jump and catch the bar to go ahead.

Now catch the rope go swinging stright and back and jump behind the waterfalls

Same thing here,jump on the bars swinging.

Here you will need to kill the guards.

Jump and press the jump button immediately so u can eject the rope that you are wearing and you can pass the hole.

Kill the gurards.

Swinging get on the other side of the ground

Kill the gurads and take their weapons.

Go ahead throught the hall.But be cearfull,the ground is opening so you will need again to use the rope that you are wearing pressing jump buttno twice.

Get up throght the ring and jump on the next.

Get int the water.

Using the box whille pressing E button right next to it go throught the moving walls so they can't kill you.

Here you will need to get the boxes exactly on the marked tiles.

Get up and catch the marked edges to go to opened wall.

Catch the ring and use it to pass the hole.

Go ahead throught the hall.

Here u will need to swing on the bar and jump to the othere bar.

When you do the last one jump and catch the edge of the wall so you can move forward.

Kill the guards.