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Tomb Raider: Legend Walkthrough Level 3: Japan - Meeting with Takamoto

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Kill all the soldiers/guards in the bar.

Go to the edge of this object and grab it to get up.

Use your magnet rope to open the window.

Swing on the bar and jumo to get forward.

Use the rope to get to the oder building.

Use your rope again to catch the moveing lift and pull it on your side to get on it.

Jump and press the jump button again to catch the lighters and move forward.

Kill all the gurads in the garden.

Get inside the building and kill all your enemies.

Then use your magnet rope to catch the big screen and pull it to open the way ahead.

When you kill the gurads go near the door and press E.

Use the rosehip to climb up.

You will need to swing on the bars and pull it with your magnet rope if needed.

Later when you enter the room you will see an automatic gun on the wall in front of you.

Here you will need to find the ball on your left side and to use it like a protaction and move ahead.

Use your magnet rope to swing the dragon and break the window.

To kill the main chief you will need to shot him with rafile or pistols or with bombs.During the fight jumping is necessary to get away from his hits.