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Tomb Raider: Legend Walkthrough Level 4: Ghana - Pursuing James Rutland (West Africa)

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Use the rope to open the door.

You will need to pull the lift in the water with your magnet rope,then swing the rope an jump on the other side of the land.

Kill all the guards and take some amo and bombs.

Aim on the center of the well and break the spoiler.

Swing on the bars while the wheel is rolling and catch the rope to get on the terrace.

Then you will need to get on the other side pulling on magnet rope that you will need to attach it to the object like ont the picture first.

Then get on the othr side of the room using the rope.

Climb on the grills and get up.

Here you will need to get on the edges of the cracked walls so you can move forward

Using the magnet rope,attach it to the shining stubb and pull it to move the lift.

Same thing here.Attach the magnet rope and pull it to move the lift so you can get on the land.

Climb up on the grills and jump to the big rocks.

Here you will need to go ahead and find a way to climb on the land on the other side.

Using magnet rope jump throught the waterfalls.

Climb up on the edges of the rock stubbs and move forward.

Get the box on the marked place.

Stand on the marked place and wait the object to roll two times then usi it to get in front of the statue.

Immediately attach the magnet rope on the shining object and pull it.

Climb downstairs on the same way you came.

Use the bars to swing and catch the rope so you can jump right front the opened door.

Here you will need to move throught the moving knives but be carefull,the knives are moveing fast.

Duck and Jump to avoid the knives.

Use the bar to swing and catch the edge if the wall.

Climb up on the stairs.

Also go throught the edges to get on the land and don't die.

Again,jump and catch the bars to pass forward.

Jump up then left/right to catch the edge of the land.

Turn flushlight and go ahead.

Use your magnet rope skill by pressing twice JUMP-button to get on the other side.

Climb up on the cracks and then go left.

Move fast throught the bridge but be carefull,if the guards drup a bomb on the bridge fast jump to reach the land and don't die.Also you may kill all the guards.

Move on the stairs.

Be carefull,there are falling rock balls and if they hit you you will die.

To avod the balls hide inside the walls.

When u climb up go to the marked place and stand on it.The door will open and you will need to get inside.

To kill the main chief use your magnet rope to pull the shining objects and destroy them(They are climbed on the statues)(4 if them).When you kill the chief the chapter ends.