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Tomb Raider Walkthrough The Endurance

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After getting on board the Endurance you'll end up in a small space. Make your way to the exit and you'll see 2 Solarii members and 1 really big Solarii member.

Hide behind the crate and wait for the big guy to head to the right side. Then shoot the Solarii at the left side.

Now wait for the other guy to come over and investigate then shoot him too. The big guy should come next.

When the big guy comes to investigate his dead comrades shoot an arrow into his head twice. You must hit his head or it won't have an effect on him and the battle will take longer.

After hitting his head with an arrow twice a melee kill icon will appear on his head. Get close to him and press F.

Now follow the sequence on the screen and attack him with the axe twice. He should go down relatively easy this way. You'll also acquire a rope ascender from him.

Look to your left and you'll find some sort of heavy metal hanging from one of the cranes. Fire a rope arrow at it and hold E to use the ascender to pull it.

Drop down the hole and make your way through the corridor. There's going to be a short cutscene when you get near Lara's cabin.

Head out of the cabin and towards the left side of the corridor after the cutscene. You'll find 2 Solarii talking to each other. Kill them then head down the zip line.

Go inside the ship again and drop down into the water. Follow the corridor to the end and you'll find Alex.

After the cutscene you'll find a crane at the other side of the door. Use the rope arrow and ascender to pull it closer.

Head over to the left side of the crane and jump on to the ladder. That will push the crane to go to the right side.

Now go behind it and fire a rope arrow. Use the ascender to make pull it closer to you.

Now go to the left side and jump on to the ladder. The crane should go to the left side and it will connect to the ladder on top.

Climb up to the top of the ceiling and start kicking on the metal pipe until it falls. Then head back down to the crane.

Go behind the crane and start pulling it back with the ascender.

Now go to the left side and jump on to the ladder and push it back to its original position.

Now get in front of it and pull it with the ascender. It will attach to the electric wires.

Go behind it and pull on it one last time. It should rip the wires off of the door and you'll be able to enter now.

After the cutscene head towards the zip line. Press and hold E to use the ascender and quickly make your way up the rope.

Continue up the stairs and towards the deck of the Endurance. Climb up the crate and jump on the zip line. Use the ascender to quickly make it to the other side.

Fire a rope arrow at the large metal thing at the top of the building and pull it down with the ascender. Now go down through the hole that it made.

Pry open the door and drop down to the lower floor. Turn right and you'll find a small hole in the wall, use that to leave the area.

Go through the tunnel and use ascender to pull down the section of the wall with the rope attached to it.

Exit the building and head over to the right side. Fire a rope arrow at the climbable section of the wall and use that to get to the other side.

Head inside the small tunnel and keep going until you reach Shipwreck beach.