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Tomb Raider Walkthrough Return to Shipwreck Beach

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Look to the left side and you'll see another part of the wall that you can take down with the ascender. Pull it down then head through it and use the zip line to get to the next area.

There are 3 Salarii patrolling this area which will all be alerted of your presence as you drop down from the zip line. Take them out before proceeding.

After killing the Solarii members use the zip line to make it back down to the crew's campsite.

Head back into camp to start a cutscene.

After the cutscene head over to the old elevator at the direction that the marker points to. Use the rope arrow and ascender to pull it down.

Head inside and turn left. You'll see a lever, pry it open and the elevetor will fall down.

Make your way up the side of the cliff ny climbing on the side of the elevator. Then keep going until you're able to get on top of the platform.

Head down the path and fire a rope arrow on the cliffside at the opposite end. Use the zip line to get to climbable wall on that end.

Shimmy along the side of the cliff and get to the top. You'll see a wall that you can use to climb up. Once you get on the top jump towards the water tank and make your way to the top of it.

From there jump towards the yellow ladder and use the broken pipe to make your way to the right side of the tower. Up on top draw your bow and use your rope arrow to get the first gondola near you.

Then pull the next gondola with the rope arrow and wait for it to swing towards you. Jump on it when it does and quickly jump towards the pipes on the next tower cause this gondola will fall.

Look down and you'll see a zip line running underneath the tower. Jump towards it to get to the lower part of the cliff.

Once there make your way up the wall and shimmy over to the right side via the pipes. Climb up the ladder and attach the climbing axe on the wall and make your way up to the top of it.

Jump over to the platform the left of where you're standing and climb up the wall, then hide behind the crate. You'll immediately see 2 Solarii. Kill them and 2 more will appear.

Over at the left side of the gate there's a wall that you can climb. Use the pipe to get to it then continue making your way up by using the climbing axe.

Shoot a rope arrow over at the side of the cliff and follow that wall up to the next platform.

Then jump towards the yellow ladder and climb up to the top. There's a section of the wall that you can bring down with your ascender. Take down the wall and head inside.

Head out the opposite door and keep going forward until you reach the end of the path. Turn left and you should see a path that you can take to the research base.