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Tomb Raider Walkthrough Return to the Chasm Monastery

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After the cutscene fire a rope arrow to the climbable part of the cliff and use it to get to the other side. Then head inside the tunnel. A cutscene will start when you get to the exit.

When it finishes you'll see some samurais climbing inside a hole in the wall. Fire a rope arrow at the cliffside and slide down. Then make your way around the cliffside and climb up the hole that the samurais used.

Head inside the monastery and hide behind the corner as soon as you see some storm guards. Wait for them to disappear then light the barricade made of wood directly in front of the corridor you walked on.

After burning down the wood a hole will be revealed. Enter the hole and follow the tunnel. Lara will automatically light her torch, hold shift and turn it off before exiting. Now make your way up the stairs and stay close to the side rails.

Make your way across the beam and climb up the ledge on the left side. Shimmy along the side and keep going until you reach the end.

Once you reach the end go right and jump towards the lower ledge. Lara will knock over some skulls and alert the storm guards but that's unavoidable.

They'll start firing arrows at you. Keep running until you get to the end of the path.

After falling down again, head forward and you'll be attacked by a group of samurais. As you can see they're fully armored taht's why the penetrating arrow is so useful here. Shoot them with a fully charged arrow and that should take them down. If not then you can either use a shotgun or a dodge takedown.

After killing them keep walking down the path and use the campsite. You'll receive another entry for Lara's journal. Upgrade your skills and items then head further into the monastery and pry open the door at the end of the path.

As you exit the door a strong wind will pass through. Make your way to the left side there's some wood here that you can climb on. Use those and climb up the ledges. Now follow the path inside and cross the bridge.

When you fall down the open field the samurais will attack you in war formation. Don't take on the archers, instead approach the building on the right side and wait for the samurais to come down and attack you. Kill them with your bow and dodge skills. Don't take them on by just mashing F, these guys are trained unlike the Solarii and they can dodge and counter your attacks.

After you kill the samurais the archers will blow up a pillar and make a path. Some larger samurais weilding spears will come down. There's actually an easier way to kill these guys with your dodge. When you dodge them don't press F until you hear the "thump" sound. If you get the timing right Lara will shove the arrow up their helmets and instantly kill them.

Another group will come and attack you. This time it's a group of spearmen and archers. Take out the spearmen first then deal with the archers, use your grenade launcher if you need to.

Vlimb up the higher area using the pillar that they shot down after you've cleaned up the samurais. You'll be attacked by 2 spearmen and some archers but they're on the roof so take out the spearmen first.

Then hide behind cover and take out the archers on top of the building.

To the right side of the building at the top of the hill there's another platform that has archers on top of it. Shoot fire arrows at their cover if they hide too much to burn it down. Take them out then peek on the right side.

They'll drop an oil barrel at you. Dodge it and aim an arrow at the oil barrels on the second floor of the tower. Shoot it and it will explode and bring the whole tower down.

One last group will attack you after that. Then the wood protecting the gate will fall down and you can break it down right after. Use your rope arrow and take it down then proceed up the stairs and into the shrine after the small cutscene.