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Too Human Walkthrough Ice Forest

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At the start of the level you will be in an icy area outside. Kill everything. Then, go further down the trail to start a short movie scene of sorts. Afterwards, you will be inside an incredibly massive cavern. After you are done fighting everything in the area, go across the electric spring thing to get to the next area.

Right after you jump across, there is a hidden area at your right.

Once you get to the end of this area, there will be another electric spring thing. Step onto it, and go into the next area. Not much to this area. Kill everything, then jump across the spring thing at the end of the area. Once across you will fight a spider like enemy that can be rather difficult to beat. If you know the right trick, this enemy can be incredibly easy to beat.

If you roll right before the enemy slams its legs down, you will not take any damage. Attack the enemy while it's handlegs are down, and roll whenever it readies to attack. Further down this section is another hidden area on the wall.

Further down this section, you will reach a point where you cannot continue until all the enemies in the area are killed. After repeating the above mentioned process a couple times, you will come to the electric spring at the end of the area. The next area is quite small. Use the cyberspace well in the area and knock down the tree in cyber space to open a bridge outside of cyberspace. Leave cyberspace and step onto the spring thing. A ways down the area you are now in is the bridge you recently enabled. Cross over it and go onto the elevator platform. Now you will fight a group of enemies including a troll and a spider monster. Once you kill everything and hop over on the next electric spring, you will be in an area with a lot of enemies. Most notable are the two trolls.

You might notice that the troll on the right looks different than the ones that you are used to. This troll shoots explosive projectiles everywhere instead of doing an area ground attack. If you want to kill this troll by jumping onto its head and stabbing it, you will also need to destroy the large container it has on its back first. The next area is really small. Kill everyone and step onto the launcher. The area after it is small as well. kill the troll and hop onto the platform elevator. At the end of this room is a rather large object.

Destroy it to take down the barrier blocking the path in the other direction. Go to the end of the room and hop onto the platform lift. In the next section is a big open area with a lot of enemies including two trolls and a large spider enemy. After killing all the enemies, shoot the supports to drop down the area above you.

Then cross the bridge into the next area. Run around to the other side of path and launch across. As you go through this area, there is another hidden room.

Kill everything, then cross the bridge. In the open area is some sort of mechanical object.

Destroy it, kill everything, then cross the bridge and destroy the mechanical object in the next area. Then go across the next bridge and launch yourself into the next area. Take out another one of those machines, kill everyone, then launch into the next area. Fight your way to another launch pad, then take out the last generator device and launch yourself into the next area. Once you kill everything, go inside the cyberspace well.

Use the new ability you get in cyberspace to open a pathway. Go outside cyberspace and go continue through the newly open path. Once you go over the launch pad to the next area and over the launcher in that next area, you will come to a slightly different looking area.

Upon entering this area, a cut scene will ensue. Afterwards, you can go into the cyberspace well if you want to get some loot. Then hop across on the launcher. Hod will occasionally stop to shoot at you as you go through this area. Fight your way to the lift at the end of this area. Then you will really start the boss fight.

Go into this lift and you will come into a small area.

First shoot these cylinder like objects to drop down the energy field blocking your way. Then shoot the platforms that Hod jumps back and forth onto until they are all destroyed.

After you destroy all the platforms, go back into the elevator and you will go into another area very similar to the one you just went through. Keep repeating these steps until finally you will go into the elevator and come out into the area you started at.

You might want to hold off on fighting Hod until you kill all the other enemies since there is a finite amount of them. Once you kill Hod you will go through a couple movie scenes, then you will be back in Asier.