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Too Human Walkthrough Hall of Heroes

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Welcome to Too Human! Before you begin the game, you must choose the character type you wish to play. I chose the Berserker for this walkthrough. I personally find this character type to be the easiest to work with. All you have to remember is to augment your armor with armor and health bonuses. Once you start the game, there will be a scene. Afterwards, you will have control of your character. picture-0083.jpg Run to the end of the room and go through the doorway. Cross the bridge and your first fight will start. Then go through the next door.

There is nothing in this room that I know of. Go into the next room and kill all the enemies. Afterwards, a few movie scenes will follow. As well as a short moment where you will have to move Baldur onto a platform. After the movie scene flashbacks are over, kill the new set of enemies. Then go into the next room. In this room there will be a short scene showing a new enemy at the back of the room.

This enemy is much stronger than the enemies around it. Ruiners, flipping into air, or using range are effective ways of dealing with it. In the next room, once you fight your way to the top of the stairs, you will face your first troll.

The easiest way to beat trolls is to break off a piece of armor protecting their head, then run behind the troll and press A when the button option appears on the screen. When on top of the troll, move in the opposite direction the troll does to balance it out. Then hold the attack direction down and you will stab the troll in the head, instantly killing it.

Afterwards, you will go through a couple cut scenes. Then you will appear in cyberspace.

Before you run down the path toward Freya, look around the area you are in to find a couple containers of loot. After you approach Freya and leave your flashback, go to the well and press A to enter cyberspace. Then go get the ability to push objects in cyberspace.

Go push open the door, get the loot, then go back out of cyberspace. Go through the next door. In this bridge like area, a short scene will show this new enemy.

Try to avoid using melee on it, since it explodes on death. There are quite a few enemies that explode on death and spread a status effect of some sort, or deal damage. Most often they are distinguishable from other enemies by their color. A ways into the next room there will be another cyberspace well. In this cyberspace area, there is an odd looking stone.

The door you rotate the stone toward in cyberspace, opens a door outside of cyberspace. These three rooms are entirely unnecessary to go into, but they do contain some useful items. Once you are done going between cyberspace and those rooms, go into further down the area(outside of cyberspace) and go through the door toward the end of the room. At the start of the next room is another troll. This time, there are also those annoying goblins with guided rockets close to the troll. Kill the goblins then take out the troll. There is a secret area in this room. The switch to open the area is next to the rocket goblin on the right. Secret areas generally are filled with higher level enemies. They usually have some decent rewards for either killing all the enemies, or killing them within a certain amount of time. In the next room is another cyberspace well.

Push the rock into the wall to open a side area that you may want to go through. It is worth noting that there is also some loot in this cyberspace area. Go back outside of cyberspace and continue on to the next room. This area is another bridge. Kill everything and head toward the next room.

As you appointer this next room, a bunch of explosive goblins will run out of it. Shoot them down, then go onto the elevator platform in that room.

To get through this room, you must first activate the door by going into the cyberspace well and pushing a rock down a hill. In the next room, go toward the center of the room and press the block button thing and a statue will be moved next to the where the button is.

Jump on the statue and evade the missiles Once the statue goes into the next room, you will automatically jump off of it. You are now in the boss area.

If you are having trouble with this boss, I would suggest using melee when GRNDL is on all fours, and using ranged attack whilst the boss is standing up.