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Too Human Walkthrough World Serpent

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Go talk to the group of Asier in the area you start in.

Now go back to the cyber pool in the same room

After you are done in there, go outside cyberspace. You probably want to go to the stores and make sure your weapons and armor are up to date. There are also a few interesting cut scenes if you go to the shops. Now head outside and go to the dock to start the next mission! The first thing you run into is a cyberspace well.

Now walk into the light, and you will appear back outside. Go through t the newly opened door. As you cross the bridge in the next room, a short scene will ensue. Then continue down the path until you come to slightly bigger room.

When you get to the end of this room, a bunch of enemies will appear. Kill all of them and keep going through a couple doors until you reach a circular room.

Go through the door directly across from the door you came in. Follow the path until you reach a cyber pool. Once you go through it, you will appear back at the start of the level. Go back through the door and across the bridge. This time, the bridge does not break. Go through a couple more rooms then you will reach a room with one of those spider guys in it. It is worth noting that there is a somewhat hidden area in the room. picture-picture-14326.jpg After you go through a couple rooms, you will go down and elevator and end up in a room with two deactivated trolls.

Go inside the cyberspace well and get you new ability, then climb to the top of the cyberspace area.

Use your push ability twice then use your lift ability. Then go back outside of cyberspace. Kill the trolls and go into the next room. Go down the elevator and fight your way through the next area and go through the door at the end and you will come into a large area.

Once you go through a few rooms, you will come to another room much like the previously mentioned one.

Before you go into the next room, go up the ramp (as shown above) and go through the door into a secret like area. Go into the next room and follow the path up to the top.

It is worth mentioning that after going around halfway across this large area, some more enemies will start fighting. The next room is a bridge with nothing in it, go into the next room.

Before you go through this room, there is a cyberspace pool in this room. Then Go into the next room, across the conveyor belt, and into the room after.

Continue through this room and a few doors, follow the path until you reach a cyberspace pool right next to the large spinning spherical device.

Go into cyberspace and push a rock into the floating rocks. Then go back out of cyberspace and a cut scene will ensue. Then just go through a few doors and you will be at the boss.

If you are having trouble beating this boss you might want to try using ranged attacks. Once you finish, go on the up the platform then go through the door. After a few scenes, you will be back in Asier. Go to the Feasting Hall, then visit the weapon and armor stores. Once you are done in town, head back outside to start your final mission.