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Hello and welcome to my walkthrough of Trine. Here I will try to show you most of the experience vial spots and chests while playing the game, showing the simplest solutions to every level.

Astral Academy

Game starts and you spawn as the Thief. Proceed forward using the directional buttons to move and jump.

Use your grappling hook on this to jump over.

You enter a hall of some sorts, keep going.

Watch out for the death traps in here, they come down fast.

A rock falls down from the ceiling right after you dodge the double glaives.

You end up on a big bridge, the Trine is located at the end of it.

Once you reach the treasure, the Thief part of this Chapter is complete.

In the second part you play as the Wizard.

Use your Levitate to push over this experience vial once you go into the first room.

Draw a square to put down a box and stack up boxes levitating them around to reach the other experience vial up there.

Make another box in the second room where it's shown on the screenshot and jump over to the experience vial.

Jump over the platforms to the right and draw another square up there tipping the vial down.

Make a new box on the button on the ground and step on the other one at the bottom of the room. The door will open.

You reach the same room as the Thief did and Wizard's part of this Chapter is complete.

Third part of this Chapter, you play as the knight.

Hit the metal object with your sword to push it over.

After pushing it over, it will break the wooden planks revealing an experience vial, take it and go back up.

In the next room you need to go down and cut the rope.

After cutting the roap the wooden platform will release and you will be able to use it. Grab the experience vial after hitting the planks on the right.

Jump on the platform and cut the rope holding the stone fist to push over the experience vial.

Progress, in the next room there will be rubble falling from the ceiling, block it off with your shield while staring at it.

After that you will reach the final room, where you see the Wizard and the Thief. End of Chapter 1

Academy Hallways

In this chapter you start right out at the stairs in the Academy Hallways.

As soon as you go up the stairs you will see one of these wooden platforms, balance it by standing on the far left of it then run right to jump over.

Proceed forward, you will see a box like this. Use your thief grappling hook on it and take the experience vial. Destroy the wooden planks below on the right to get another vial.

After taking the vial from inside there, switch to wizard and put down a box right below the mushroom and climb up.

Use the grappling hook here to get the vials that are sitting up on the branch.

There's an experience vial down here and a few skeletons to fight off.

After a bit you reach a checkpoint and a giant stone fist.

Levitate the object attached to the stone fist and slide it right to destroy the wall infront of you.

Jump over this using the grappling hook on the swaying platform.

Use your grappling hook in the next room on a similar platform like the last one. Instead just sway left and right until you get enough speed and jump ontop of the platform.

Once you reach your next checkpoint the doors will close and you will be forced to fight off skeletons. Just use the Knight for this.

Once you reach these spikes, put down a box and penetrate it on the spikes, then you can just jump on it.

Careful here as the platforms spin if you put too much pressure on them, just stay as little time as you can on them or jump in the middle.

Careful not to fall into this pit, its an instant death.

Here you want to put a small box behind the vials and push them out while levitating it forwards.

Levitate these wooden platforms until you line them up so you can move forward.

If you dont want to do that, you can use the grappling hook here.

When dropping down here careful, there's another spike trap, try to use your grappling hook on this spot.

Careful for the barrels on the ceiling, they shoot down fire at you. Use the Knight to block it off.

Once you're out of there you will be greeted by two cannons from both sides, block them off again while walking forwards.

Keep going forward, you will reach a checkpoint right after the wooden bridge with spikes underneath.

Right next to the checkpoint there's a switch, stand on it to open up a passageway down sitting right before the cannons. The bridge will now fall apart.

Use boxes and attach them to the spikes on the ground to jump across.

Go all the way back before the 2 cannons on the walls of the room you were in and go down right instead of up, you will find the door that was opened.

Right below the cannon on the right there is a checkpoint.

Dropping down can be dangerous again, either put down a box before doing so or use your grappling hook mid-air.

You enter a room with giant rotating wheels, climb up these wooden platforms with grappling hook.

Jump across the scale-like platform and grab the exp vial.

Then drop down and fight off the skeletons below. Afterwards walk up to the metal objects attached to the wooden platform on the ceiling and lift them with wizard.

Once you drop down, just go down on the second wheel and ride it until you reach the chest.

Then you'll have to go all the way back up.

After you've gotten through the metal scales you'll enter a big cave with wooden platforms.

Jump up the platforms and use the grappling hook on this one.

Again use your grappling hook on the wheel here and it will get you up.

Two experience vials at the top of the room.

A cannon on each side of this cave again, balance the platform correctly and jump up.

This one is a bit more tricky to balance, stay on the far right of it until it is pointing at the direction you're trying to jump up to.

After killing a few skeletons you will reach a huge wheel of platforms and a checkpoint.

Stand on the right side of the bottom platform and levitate around the wheel while holding M2 on the platform you're standing on.

Go to the left side first, picking up experience vials.

To the right, there's an experience vial on top of this platform.

Next checkpoint, you'll need to cut off this rope with the Thief, shoot it for the stone fist to break the bridge.

There's a chest underneath on the left.

Jump across this gap using the grappling hook.

After you're done with that, you should reach a stairway leading down. That's the end of this Chapter.

Wolvercote Catacombs

You start out in the Wolvercote Catacombs, walking down stairs.

Use this box at the bottom of the stairway and grapplehook to it.

After you jump over with the box, drop down and run all the way right to find an experience vial.

Go back up, there's 2 more experience vials on top, grapple to the wooden planks then quick switch to knight and slash them mid-air.

Go to the end of the platform and grapple to the gray box to jump over.

After a bit you reach a locked out path, you need to jump up on the platforms on the right and find the switch.

Jump up and kill the skeletons.

After you go all the way left you reach a switch that opens the door.

Go all the way back and drop down on the elevator.

Go forward until you reach a checkpoint, you will need to kill off more skeletons. There are a bunch of experience vials up on the wooden platforms, use your grapple to get them all.

Here use the wizard to flip over the platform and stick it on the spikes.

Put down a box underneath the wooden plank and jump up it.

In the next room you'll need to fight off a skeleton, spam arrows with the thief until he starts attacking you, then you need to jump over him and run to the other side of the room and start arrowing again.

After a bit he should be dead and the door will open.

In the next room you find a chest and a bunch of experience vials, tip over the box on the left to get one vial and you can climb on the boxes to get the one on the right.

For this one use your grappling hook like so.

Instead of using the scaled wooden platforms just jump up here with the hook swinging left and right till you get max speed.

There's one vial here you need to get but be careful with the spikes, just put down boxes and jump up to it.

Afterwards you can grapple hook or jump back to the wooden logs leading up and put down a box so you dont fall to your death.

Watch out for the death traps in the next room!

Afterwards, there's a bunch of skeletons to fight off, jump from swaying platform to platform until you reach the checkpoint.

Here, grapple hook onto the platform then levitate the metal end thats holding it to get up.

Don't step on the buttons on the ground or traps will fall.

After the next checkpoint, use your grapple again to hook up the wooden platform.

Then use a box on the spikes on the right like so to reach the next one.

Once you're up you'll be able to see an experience vial, use the grappling hook into knight slash trick to get it.

Then go to these scaling up and down platforms where you need to just take less than a second on each if you dont want to time it perfectly and just jump across, holding your shield up with the knight.

You will reach the end of the Chapter.

Dragon Graveyard

You start off at the Dragon Graveyard, you go up a steep hill.

Once you're out, jump over to the left to grab the experience vial.

Next one is a bit forward down the road, ontop of a box, sling left and right with the hook to reach it or push over the box with the wizard.

After that you will reach a pit with spikes, just use your grappling hook like so to jump across.

Once you're up on the wooden platform you will see a bunch of experience vials, navigate around with the thief to pick them up.

Jump to the right and fight off some skeletons to reach a checkpoint and a spike wall.

Down to the left of it there's an experience vial in a hole.

Here you don't even need to use a box or something with the wizard, shoot your grappling hook on this exact space.

Pull yourself to it, then hook onto the cart above to get 3 experience vials and a chest.

Continue forward until you reach a checkpoint, on these swaying platforms just use grappling hook underneath to move faster.

Here you'll find another chest that teaches you how to use Planks for Wizard.

Use one like so.

Next checkpoint, use grappling hook to grab the experience vials, there's a bunch of skeletons and two metal spike balls so be careful.

You reach another set of swaying platforms, a few skeletons to kill and a lot of spikes on the ground.

Use your grappling hook on this spot, hooking the wooden beam on top of the platform and swinging onto the one on the right, finding an experience vial and a chest.

Drop down and you reach a checkpoint.

Once you reach here, you need to go ontop where the skeleton is and go on the platform thats connected to the cart and levitate it across.

Like so.

Grapple hook from these platforms instead of trying to jump across, it's way easier.

In this portion of the chapter there's a lot of experience vials, 1 on top 2 on bottom.

One is in the far left bottom corner, just push around the 3 stacked boxes.

Then go back to the far right, reaching 2 spinning platforms, jump over to the right one.

Put a box or a plank on it the end of it and jump up, that should be the end of the Chapter.

Crystal Caverns

You enter the crystal caverns.

As soon as you go to the right you will be faced by this gap with a crystal spike trap in it, jump over it using the wooden beams ontop.

Next jump, you need to switch to knight and defend yourself from the falling crystals from the ceiling.

Afterwards, you go down stairs and you will be faced by a bunch of skeletons right before the checkpoint.

Kill them off then shoot the rope connected to the stone fist hanging from the ceiling with the archer.

Then build a plank like so in mid-air and run across before it falls to the ground, picking up the experience vials.

Pick up the fist with the wizard and destroy the big crystal wall on the right.

To the right you will be greeted by a few skeletons, there's an experience vial below and a big gap filled with water, just jump across the wooden platforms connected to ropes to the right.

Keep jumping across the gaps, fighting off skeletons.

Once you're on the ground, you wil see even more skeletons, it's a big fight so be careful.

Afterwards to the left , you will find two experience vials up here, use a plank and a box like so to reach them.

Fight them off at the checkpoint, then grapple to the crate above and across the gap.

Try to run across the bridge, but the skeleton will cut it down.

You drop in water, swim down.

Swim to the right once you almost reach the bottom, you will see the entrance.

You should be out of the water soon.

You get out of the water and reach a checkpoint, here you want to put boxes on the spikes on the walls and jump on them.

To the left of that there's two experience vials, pick them up.

Here instead of jumping on top of the beams just use them as platforms for your thief and grapple hook from below, so you dont stab yourself on the spikes on the ceiling.

Go far right and use a plank to get across to this chest.

Then drop in the water, theres another experience vial to the left.

Swim across and reach a checkpoint.

In this room there's a bunch of skeletons and experience vials. Jump around with the Thief picking up stuff and killing stuff.

You want to get on top and get on the platform connected to the metal square, levitate it around and jump off to the right to get two more exp vials.

Later you'll reach another bridge with crystals falling from the ceiling, switch to Knight and use the shield, but stand still, even if you block them when you jump across from platform to platform you will be shoved down.

Once you're across, you reach a checkpoint, use the platform above it to grapple across the acidic pool.

Jump up and grab the exp vial.

Crypt of the Damned

You enter the crypt of the damned.

As soon as you're down the stairs, there'll be more acid on the ground. Jump across from platform to platform without falling in it.

Use grappling hook here to grab experience.

Then drop down and pick up Fire Bow for the Thief from this chest. That will alow you to destroy certain planks and light up torches.

Lift the box here and pick up the two experience vials, then shoot the torch on the right with Thief to light up the room. Be careful for the acid.

Another box to lift here.

Shoot this torch with Fire Arrow.

Move one of the boxes that were on your left into the acid as it breaks your wizard constructs, but not these boxes and jump across.

Here put down a box and build a plank bridge and jump up like so to the experience vial, then drop down.

Once you're down you reach a checkpoint, there's an experience vial on the left.

Go down the path to the right afterwards and there will be another drop, be careful for the acid, you dont want to fall down in it. It's in the right so try to curve your fall to the left.

Go to the left and you enter one of these wooden platform rooms with experience vials, grapple around to pick them up.

Like so.

Then go to the bottom and try to grapple to the far right, you reach a checkpoint.

Once you're out of there you reach a bridge with gaps nin between, kill the skeleton on the right breathing fire before jumping across.

Drop down and pick the experience vials up.

Then go to the right across the water and pick this exp vial aswell.

Here you reach a gap, put down a plank like so and jump up.

You reach a chest, take it and go all the way back and up.

After you jump across the bridge gap, you reach another checkpoint, destroy this piece of wood with your fire arrow.

Then jump across grappling onto the connected end of the broken bridge

You reach another bridge with gaps in it, light up the torches in this room and jump across.

Jump up these swaying platforms.

Be careful with bats here, jumping across can be deadly if you don't kill them off first!

After you kill them try to get this experience vial, you need to drop off and grapple hook from underneath the bridge. Make sure you have the checkpoint on the right before doing this.

There's another spot here with 2 vials and a chest, same thing, grapple to the broken bridge and go in.

Here just pull up the broken bridge over your head and jump across.

The doors close on you and you are meeted by an enemy with a shield cover on his back, you only deal damage to him from behind, just keep jumping over him and shooting him in the back with the thief.

He dies, drops a lot of experience and the doors open.

You reach a lever, do not pull it yet, drop down and grapple on the wooden planks on the ceiling.

Then jump over to the left.

Pick up the experience vials then use the lever to go back up.

You press the switch now, the bridge drops down and you can go across, this is the end of the chapter.

Forsaken Dungeons

As soon as you go in the forsaken dungeons you will go up right a staircase.

Hook onto the spinning barrel at the end of the staircase, above you.

Like so.

There's an experience vial behind the box on the right, move it away and grab it.

Then get the other one by hooking onto the beam next to the barrel and jumping on the barrel.

Keep going right.

Jump over here, careful as the platform drops down.

Use one plank to climb up here, just spam jump up it.

Two planks or a chest and a plank to get to this experience vial, as you cannot grapple to anything in this room.

Then two planks like this.

Don't step on the buttons on the ground, but go knight just incase you do and defend upwards.

Drop down in the water and go right.

Swim upwards.

You'll be out shortly and reach a lever.

After the wall on the left drops, climb up.

Climb up here but watch out for fire coming out of the walls.

Once you reach the top, grapple to the spinning barrel on the ceiling and jump over to the right.

Fight off the skeletons and watch out for the spikey balls that are hanging from the ceiling.

After you pass a checkpoint and drop down, you will find an experience vial to the right.

Go all the way to the right until you reach a lever, press it and go back up to the checkpoint.

From there, grapple onto the spinning barrel on top of the ceiling and jump across.

There's an experience vial that you can see right after you land on the other side.

After the next checkpoint you will reach these platforms, jump them while avoiding fire and you will reach a lever.

Turn the lever to open off a door below.

Go to the left and jump up the platforms to get an experience vial and a stone fist you can use to destroy a wall below.

Use it here. You will find 2 experience vials and a chest behind, take them and go back down to the door you just opened.

Just keep going down.

After you've dropped down past the opening you just unlocked you will be greeted by more spikey balls, just shield them off with the Knight while passing.

Right after that you will drop down in water, swim up and you can go to the right to get a checkpoint.

Push the button past the checkpoint, then go back in the water you dropped off in, all the way to the left and there will be another button, that will lift up all the platforms in this room.

You will reach a skeleton, just keep running backwards and spam arrows at him.

Put down a box on the spikes and jump up once you reach this room and jump up them.

You reach the end of this Chapter.

Throne of the Lost King

You enter the Throne of the Lost King.

Go to the right and you will go down a staircase that leads you to a deathtrap, kill the skeletons and doge the swinging axes.

Afterwards jump over these wooden platforms, careful as they can tip over and you will fall on a spike trap.

After that you end up in a room with a button on the bottom of it, if you press the button the spike balls will drop from above, just run past it.

On the lower level of it there are two boxes on top of each other, move them away with the wizard and get the experience vials and the chest behind. Then jump up and progress right.

Here just keep jumping to the right from platform to platform.

Once you drop down on this platform, balance it somewhat, then draw a line with the wizard to make a plank and jump up the ledge.

In this room you want to put a box on the button on the ground, then get on one of the sides of the rotating construction and levitate it until you reach the upper right corner of the room. Then step on the button.

Like so.

Just jump across these platforms.

Another death trap here, above the next checkpoint , be careful when swinging across.

Swing from this platform to the right to jump over the metal door.

You will land on top of the other side.

There's a checkpoint after that.

Progressing with the chapter, you will face a huge spiked ball, avoid it.

You can use the knight to block off its damage.

You reach a wooden elevator, jump on top of it and it will bring you down.

When you reach a room filled with cogs and spikes, just cover the spiked ground with planks and move over to the right.

Then climb up like so.

You jump up the ledge and you reach the end of the chapter.

Fangle Forest

You enter the Fangle Forest.

As soon as you see this plank, grapple to it and get the experience vial on top of it, then proceed.

Instead of jumping up this platforms you can grapple to the log underneath the bridge and jump up.

Grab the experience vial and run to the right.

Jump up these two platforms. Careful as they drop down a second after you land on them.

Grapple onto the left platform on the top and jump on the moving one.

You reach another bridge, switch to the wizard and create a box ontop of the button underneath you can see from the bridge.

Once you reach this chest open it and grab the scales of fish, you can equip them to have unlimited breath under water. Jump down into the water.

On the far left you will find two experience vials, after you're done with that, swim back up and then go down the right path.

There you find another experience vial and a box, push the box out to the right and swim out.

Use the box that's now floating on the water to jump across to the checkpoint.

Here you don't even need to use the timed platforms, just grapple onto this platform and grab the experience vial.

Then grapple onto the next one and jump across to the bridge.

Once you reach the series of bridges dropping down, you'll be greeted by skeletons, kill all of them as you're moving down and grabbing experience vials.

At the bottom level you will see a button in the far left. Step on it.

Afterwards you reach a room with a spike trap on the ground, just grapple onto this.

Then on the bridge above you.

Walk ontop of the bridge, then jump off and grapple on this log.

Here you just want to use a plank with the wizard to jump over to the checkpoint.

You see another one of those monsters with crystal backs, you know the drill, shoot him in the back and he will die shortly.

He drops a lot of energy vials, you pick them up and go back to the left to jump into the water.

In the water just swim underneath the platform you were just ontop of and then jump up to the chest.

Then go back where you fought the boss and grapple onto this to jump across to the ledge on the right.

Here instead of walking ontop of the bridge just use the bottom of it as a grappling platform.

Move to the right jumpin over the dropping platforms.

And you'll reach a checkpoint.

There are a lot of enemies on this spot, take your time and handle them.

Then just put down a box and jump up.

You reach the end of this chapter.

Shadowthorn Thicket

You enter the Shadowthorn Thicket.

As soon as this chapter starts you'll need to switch to Fire Bow on the thief and start lighting up torches.

Jump over the acidic pool and light the torch in the middle of the next zone, then grab the experience vial above you by grappling up to it.

There are a lot of enemies here so make sure you light this torch aswell then take care of them before jumping up.

Two torches here, light them and jump across the swaying platforms.

Grapple underneath the bridge and move to the right.

Use the new ability you've learned for Knight from the chest right before this wall to destroy it.

Go through, be careful noo to drop down as it's instant death, plus, be careful for the bats underneath that will just eat you alive if you don't take care of them before attempting to jump this.

Now grapple onto the platform and jump across.

You reach a checkpoint, light the fire around then shoot the ropes off the fist that's above it to make it drop down.

Use it to destroy the wall on the right.

Go through and you will meet a bunch of bats and one more of those enemies with crystaline backs. You know the drill.

Once he's dead cover two of the switches with 2 boxes or a plank and step on the third one, the door will open.

Go through and you reach a checkpoint. Light the torches and fight off the spiders.

Jump up here after killing all the spiders.

You cannot grapple onto anything here so you need to use planks to get the experience vials and get across.

You're out of there and you reach another checkpoint.

Light the fire and watch out for the acid.

Grapple up here to reach a chest.

Then just use your hook to jump across and land safely.

Go up the stairs fighting off skeletons and avoid the spiky balls.

It's the end of the chapter.

Ruins of the Perished

Welcome to the Runs of the Perished. Probably one of the longer chapters there are.

Go up the stairs and drop down on the left to get an experience vial but be careful for the spikes.

Afterwards jump across and you can just time your sprint to run over these spikes coming out of the ground unharmed.

Jump up this wall and kill the skeleton.

Get ontop of the log and swing it to the right with the wizard until you can just jump over.

You jump over and you reach a waterfall. Jump down.

You jump into the water, just swim to the right until you reach a dead end. Then swim up.

You swim up and you reach a checkpoint.

Go down into the water again and swim up the spike walls.

Change to fire bow here and destroy these planks, then go back into the water.

Swim a bit more to the right then go up out of the water where you destroyed the planks.

Put another box on this button, get on the first platform then remove the other box.

Jump up the platforms before they drop.

Once you're across levitate this platform and rotate it unti l you can get the experience vial here, then drop down.

You drop down and you reach a checkpoint, use fire bow again and shoot off these planks to make the boulder drop.

It drops down and you go into the water, swim up to the right.

Jump out and levitate the box to the right until it reaches the wall, then jump up the ledge using it.

Once you're up use a plank to climb onto the swinging log, then swing it left and right.

Use it to jump up to these experience vials.

Once you're here you can just skip this puzzle by grappling onto this wooden plank.

Jump up to this ledge and kill the shielded skeleton.

Then progress to the right and the doors will close on you. You need to fight off skeletons here.

They keep spawning so the best weapon to use is the hammer for the knight.

Once you kill them all the door opens up again and you can progress, getting the checkpoint and an experience vial.

Jump over these spikes like so.

A really easy way to get across without being bothered with this puzzle is to put two boxes ontop of eachother here once these two platforms are up. Just press the buttons around until they are up.

Then jump up and onto the ledge with experience vials on it.

Then use a plank to jump across to these platforms and get across.

Take the next set of experience vials and get across this bridge.

Take the checkpoint and fight off the skeletons here.

Use a few planks/ boxes and jump up here.

Fight off this enemy.

Then put a plank on the spike wall and jump up.

You reach another checkpoint, follow the bridge to the right.

Until you reach another checkpoint again.

Here jump on this log and sway it around.

When it reaches this point jump up to the chest on the right.

Then go back on the log and jump to the left platform.

Quickly jump up these platforms before they drop.

Go up the stairs, then down and you reach the end of this chapter.

Heartland Mines

You're in the Heartland Mines.

Go to the right and step on the elevator. It will take you down.

Jump to the right and grab these two vials.

After you get the checkpoint grab this vial here by grappling on the plank underneath it.

Then fight off all the skeletons in this room.

Once you're done, go to the far left and push the log over to fall onto the button underneath it, you will even reveal an experience vial you can pick up.

Pick it up and go to the door that opened on the right, you reach a checkpoint.

You can just grapple instead of jump across this bride if you want to be safer.

As the bridge crumbles.

Just keep moving while grapping onto the roof while you're out of there.

In this room all you have to do is use your hook to keep going up.

Grab the experience vials here and watch out for the spikey ball.

Jump across and you reach a checkpoint.

You can take that experience vial if you create a plank and push the vial out with it into you.

Jump in the cart and indiana jones out of there.

Right as the cart is about to fall, jump out and grapple up to the chest there.

Afterwards use this platform to jump across.

Jump from cog to cog progress to the right but be careful as they push you off.

You reach another checkpoint.

Move this cart to the left with the wizard so you can jump on it.

Jump on it and grab the chest.

Then jump down and use it to move to the right.

Here you want to draw a triangle in mid-air infront of the cart and jump up to the ledge.

Keep going up.

Once you reach the top, go to the right and grab the checkpoint.

Now you want to grab onto the stone side of this contraption and levitate it until the platform you can step on reaches you.

Jump on it and levitate it until you can reach the chest.

You can grapple onto the platform underneath to reach it easier or use a triangle infront of it while you're on the platform above it.

Grab it then levitate again until you can get back up.

Jump on it and it will shoot you up, jump off right here.

Move to the right and you reach the end of this Chapter.

Bramblestoke Village

You enter Bramblestoke Village.

As soon as you start the chapter you will see an energy vial at the end of this bridge, pick it up then hook to the spinning wheel above you.

Jump over and fight off the skeletons.

Levitate this metal block with the wizard to move on.

Go to the right, kill off the bats and jump down the cave.

You'll get out shortly and you will see these two platforms.

Just run past them and hook onto this wheel, going up to the right.

Fight off the enemy with crystal back.

Instead of dealing with the two platforms above the checkpoint just hook onto this platform and jump up.

Grab the energy vial here.

Go to the right fighting off armored skeletons.

Put a box on the spikes like this.

And one below, you don't need to use the balancing platform.

Hook up here and grab the experience vials.

Then drop down.

Once you're sitting on this rock, grab onto the wheel on the left and jump over, you'll find a chest and experience vials. Then go back.

Go forward jumping over the acid water and watch out for the barrels shooting fire from above, you can go knight to block it out.

You can find an experience vial here.

Put down a plank like this to go over.

Checkpoint here.

To stop the wheel, just put down a box to block it off.

Jump across to the next wheel grappling onto the wooden platform above.

Use your levitation on the wooden plank and drop it to the left, so you can go over and grab the experience vials.

Make a box and jump on it to get up this ledge.

You can use a triangle to jump over this, to get the experience vial.

You're finally outside again and you get a checkpoint.

Killing the skeletons, grapple onto this and jump above the gate.

Then levitate this wheel until you reach the top.

Jump over to this bridge and kill the shielded skeleton.

Then jump over this using the wooden plank above.

Jump from wheel to wheel, just progressing to the right and fighting off archers.

You reach a checkpoint.

Use the elevator to go down, be careful for the bats.

Once you're down here, go to the right.

Grapple up here.

And use the switch.

The door at the far right of this room opened.

Grab the checkpoint below and progress.

You reach the end of this chapter.

Iron Forge

The next chapter begins.

Go down the stairs of the Iron Forge.

Hook onto the platform you see above the spikes at the end of the stairway and jump across.

You can hook from platform to platform here, just avoid the spike balls.

Grapple up here and go to the right.

You find two experience vials here.

Break off this wooden plank.

Move away the metal block and drop down.

Grapple onto these scaled platforms.

Jump on the right and use the lever, then pick up the experience vial.

This door you were at a second ago will open, you can go there and grab the checkpoint now.

Go all the way back to the left through the door you just opened and grab the checkpoint.

Then go all the awy up on the left grabbing the experience vials.

Grapple onto this box and jump across the lava pit.

You run across a small bridge and reach the next checkpoint.

Fight off all the enemies in this room.

After you're done, go all the way up and place a plank on these spikes.

Jump across and move to the left, be carefuil with stepping on spikes or switches on the ground, you can grapple onto the wooden ceiling.

Fire shoots from the walls aswell. At the end of the path to the left you reach a lever. Turn it.

Afterwards drop down in the opening right infront of you and go all the way to the right to find out you've opened the gate you were at a moment ago.

Drop down here.

Grapple on these destroyable wooden planks and jump across to the next checkpoint over the lava pit.

Grapple onto this wooden wall and jump across on the platform to reach the experience vials.

Then go back on the platform and walk across to the right.

You can put down a plank like this so you don't fall in lava.

Keep walking to the right and you end up in a room filled with armored skeletons. There's a checkpoint and a locked door. Kill off the skeletons.

Then move up jumping from platform to platform popping from the walls.

Switch to fire bow and destroy all the planks above you, then grapple up.

You end up in a room that has two stone fists on a scale. Destroy the planks on the ground and put boxes on them.

Pick up all the experience vials in this room.

As there's a bunch.

After you put boxes on every button this door opens.

You go behind the door you just opened.There's a bunch of traps here so try not to step on the buttons or the spikes coming out of the ground.

Grapple onto this then jump on the falling platforms to the right.

Move to the right onto a checkpoint and fight off the monsters.

Grapple up here as you jump across the rotating wood.

You jump to the right and you reach another checkpoint.

Put a triangle up here and grapple onto it, if you can't just put a triangle infront of yourself and jump on it.

Jump to the right and lower these platforms with levitation to proceed.

You get through the maze of scaling platforms and you get another checkpoint.

Jump across these platforms from the lower side.

Then grapple onto here to jump across.

Put two boxes on these buttons down here, then grapple on the platform above you.

And step on the button ontop of it.

The door on your right opens.

Grapple onto the wooden wall and jump up.

Drop down here to grab a bunch of experience vials.

Then go back up jumping from platform to platform. If you fail a jump just grapple onto one of the wooden logs above you.

Once you reach the right end grapple onto this and jump up.

Here you just want to go right.

You reach the end of the chapter.

Tower of Sarek

Welcome to the last chapter. It might seem hard but it is fairly simple.

You are greeted by the Skeleton Wizard. You cannot damage him, all you want to do is run to the right across the bridge.

Once you reach these platforms switch to Fire Bow as the Archer and start grappling.

The Skeleton Wizard summons evil planks and boxes so you want to shoot them off as soon as he does that, go as fast as you can.

Shoot this plank and proceed to the left.

If you jump in the lines before they've spawned, they wont spawn and hinder your progress.

Shoot off the plank and keep going up.

Grapple on this and go to the left of it.

Then grapple to the highest log you see here and just jump up on it.

Move to the left, switch to wizard and push the plank over with Levitate.

Destroy this box and watch out for teh spike ball.

Jump to the left and grapple on the rotating platform above you, then swing to the right.

From there jump on the rotating platform and go left.

You're almost at the top, take the right path and shoot off the two boxes he spawns while you're jumping up the steps.

Move across this platform to the right.

Jump across to the left while the platforms are dropping. Use the trick where you go fast enough and planks won't be able to stop you.

Go to the right, be carefuil for the spike ball.

You jump up these two platforms to the left.

You reach the top and you are greeted by a few enemies, you can just ignore them.

Jump to the right and build a plank to land on this wooden long. Then build another plank and jump ontop of the tower where you find two artifacts.

This is where your journey ends.