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Trine Walkthrough Wolvercote Catacombs

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You start out in the Wolvercote Catacombs, walking down stairs.

Use this box at the bottom of the stairway and grapplehook to it.

After you jump over with the box, drop down and run all the way right to find an experience vial.

Go back up, there's 2 more experience vials on top, grapple to the wooden planks then quick switch to knight and slash them mid-air.

Go to the end of the platform and grapple to the gray box to jump over.

After a bit you reach a locked out path, you need to jump up on the platforms on the right and find the switch.

Jump up and kill the skeletons.

After you go all the way left you reach a switch that opens the door.

Go all the way back and drop down on the elevator.

Go forward until you reach a checkpoint, you will need to kill off more skeletons. There are a bunch of experience vials up on the wooden platforms, use your grapple to get them all.

Here use the wizard to flip over the platform and stick it on the spikes.

Put down a box underneath the wooden plank and jump up it.

In the next room you'll need to fight off a skeleton, spam arrows with the thief until he starts attacking you, then you need to jump over him and run to the other side of the room and start arrowing again.

After a bit he should be dead and the door will open.

In the next room you find a chest and a bunch of experience vials, tip over the box on the left to get one vial and you can climb on the boxes to get the one on the right.

For this one use your grappling hook like so.

Instead of using the scaled wooden platforms just jump up here with the hook swinging left and right till you get max speed.

There's one vial here you need to get but be careful with the spikes, just put down boxes and jump up to it.

Afterwards you can grapple hook or jump back to the wooden logs leading up and put down a box so you dont fall to your death.

Watch out for the death traps in the next room!

Afterwards, there's a bunch of skeletons to fight off, jump from swaying platform to platform until you reach the checkpoint.

Here, grapple hook onto the platform then levitate the metal end thats holding it to get up.

Don't step on the buttons on the ground or traps will fall.

After the next checkpoint, use your grapple again to hook up the wooden platform.

Then use a box on the spikes on the right like so to reach the next one.

Once you're up you'll be able to see an experience vial, use the grappling hook into knight slash trick to get it.

Then go to these scaling up and down platforms where you need to just take less than a second on each if you dont want to time it perfectly and just jump across, holding your shield up with the knight.

You will reach the end of the Chapter.