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Trine Walkthrough Forsaken Dungeons

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As soon as you go in the forsaken dungeons you will go up right a staircase.

Hook onto the spinning barrel at the end of the staircase, above you.

Like so.

There's an experience vial behind the box on the right, move it away and grab it.

Then get the other one by hooking onto the beam next to the barrel and jumping on the barrel.

Keep going right.

Jump over here, careful as the platform drops down.

Use one plank to climb up here, just spam jump up it.

Two planks or a chest and a plank to get to this experience vial, as you cannot grapple to anything in this room.

Then two planks like this.

Don't step on the buttons on the ground, but go knight just incase you do and defend upwards.

Drop down in the water and go right.

Swim upwards.

You'll be out shortly and reach a lever.

After the wall on the left drops, climb up.

Climb up here but watch out for fire coming out of the walls.

Once you reach the top, grapple to the spinning barrel on the ceiling and jump over to the right.

Fight off the skeletons and watch out for the spikey balls that are hanging from the ceiling.

After you pass a checkpoint and drop down, you will find an experience vial to the right.

Go all the way to the right until you reach a lever, press it and go back up to the checkpoint.

From there, grapple onto the spinning barrel on top of the ceiling and jump across.

There's an experience vial that you can see right after you land on the other side.

After the next checkpoint you will reach these platforms, jump them while avoiding fire and you will reach a lever.

Turn the lever to open off a door below.

Go to the left and jump up the platforms to get an experience vial and a stone fist you can use to destroy a wall below.

Use it here. You will find 2 experience vials and a chest behind, take them and go back down to the door you just opened.

Just keep going down.

After you've dropped down past the opening you just unlocked you will be greeted by more spikey balls, just shield them off with the Knight while passing.

Right after that you will drop down in water, swim up and you can go to the right to get a checkpoint.

Push the button past the checkpoint, then go back in the water you dropped off in, all the way to the left and there will be another button, that will lift up all the platforms in this room.

You will reach a skeleton, just keep running backwards and spam arrows at him.

Put down a box on the spikes and jump up once you reach this room and jump up them.

You reach the end of this Chapter.