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Trine Walkthrough Shadowthorn Thicket

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You enter the Shadowthorn Thicket.

As soon as this chapter starts you'll need to switch to Fire Bow on the thief and start lighting up torches.

Jump over the acidic pool and light the torch in the middle of the next zone, then grab the experience vial above you by grappling up to it.

There are a lot of enemies here so make sure you light this torch aswell then take care of them before jumping up.

Two torches here, light them and jump across the swaying platforms.

Grapple underneath the bridge and move to the right.

Use the new ability you've learned for Knight from the chest right before this wall to destroy it.

Go through, be careful noo to drop down as it's instant death, plus, be careful for the bats underneath that will just eat you alive if you don't take care of them before attempting to jump this.

Now grapple onto the platform and jump across.

You reach a checkpoint, light the fire around then shoot the ropes off the fist that's above it to make it drop down.

Use it to destroy the wall on the right.

Go through and you will meet a bunch of bats and one more of those enemies with crystaline backs. You know the drill.

Once he's dead cover two of the switches with 2 boxes or a plank and step on the third one, the door will open.

Go through and you reach a checkpoint. Light the torches and fight off the spiders.

Jump up here after killing all the spiders.

You cannot grapple onto anything here so you need to use planks to get the experience vials and get across.

You're out of there and you reach another checkpoint.

Light the fire and watch out for the acid.

Grapple up here to reach a chest.

Then just use your hook to jump across and land safely.

Go up the stairs fighting off skeletons and avoid the spiky balls.

It's the end of the chapter.