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Verge Compo Edition: Level 1

Verge is a puzzle pattformer that plays around with the idea of life and death. The controls are standard for a platformer. Use the arrows keys to move and press z to jump.

Begin by use you legs to move to the right and jump on this button to make the blocks in your way disapear.

On the other side of the wall is an enemy. This one can shoot fire balls in a straight direction.

Jump on his head to kill him.

Enemies take two hit to die.

Continue to the right and you find a ditch.

Use your well practice jumping skills to get across. Head into the door by standing in front of it and pressing up. These doors are your goals.

Verge Compo Edition: Level 2

Start by going to your right, you will find an enemy. Jump on him twice to kill him.

Continue to the right and you find an other enemy.

You find a pit of spikes. You have no where to go but down.

However, when you fall you didn't get a game over! This is part of the gameplay, going between life and death.

In the underworld you will find these ghost enemies, when one touches you, start hitting all the arrow keys to get them off. If your bar empties when in the underworld, you will get a gameover.

Continue to the right.

You will find these blocks. Jump across them to get up.(or down?)

On the other side you will find a black block with a cross on it. Press up when standing on it.

Poof! Your back in the over world. Those black blocks are one of your ways to get back from the underworld. Press the button to the left and go back to the start.

Jump up on the block above the start.

Jump to the new red block platform.

Head into the door to finish level 2.

Verge Compo Edition: Level 3

When you start you will find two enemies, you can take them out if you want.

When you find two spots of spike, don't jump head first.

Instead jump into this one.

When you spawn head into the cross block.

Jump on the button.

Red block will block up the cross block you can out of. Jump back into the spikes, come out through the cross and see what happens.

You be above the one you just came out from before.This is another gameplay trick. If a cross is blocked, you will come out from the one above it. Make sure to remeber this.

When you reach the top, there will be an enemy there to great you.

Just head left and into the door.

Verge Compo Edition: Level 4

As you head right you will find a tunnel of spikes, avoid getting hit by these.

If, in case, anyone of these spikes get you, getting heading left in the underworld and you will find a cross to start over again.

When you get to the other side, jump on the button.

When you do, a yellow block will fall.

Push the block to the left by running into it. Yellow block go into the dotted outlines with the organge dots.

When you place the yellow block in the hole the blue blocking this spike pit.

Jump back on the button and notice that this red wall will block the cross. Remeber what happens when you block a cross?

Jump down into the pit and make a breck for the cross.

And you show up here, if you were quick enough. Head left to find the door.

Two enemies will be there to congrant you for your great puzzle solving skills.

Show them your great jumping skill on or over thier heads and continue left to enter the door.

Verge Compo Edition: Level 5

Start tthe level by pushing the yellow to the right.

If you happen to drop the yellow in the pit, there is a way to get it back.

In the start there is a yellow button. Jump on it to bring the yellow block back.

Wait for the moving stone block to come.

Quickly run to it with your yellow block in tow.

When stone block reaches the other side, push it into the yellow block pit.

If you can't wait for the stone block to come back, you can just jump into the spike pit and run back to the cross at the start.

When you come back, you will find that the spike pit from the start is open. Jump on in!

On the other side you will find a series of platforms. Continue across them. If you fall just head back to the cross and start over.

At the end you will find another cross, enter it.

And your on your way to the next level, once you enter the door of course.

Verge Compo Edition: Level 6

We start the level with the door so close yet so far. Head down to the left.

One your way down you will meet a new enemy, a blue dragon. He shoots two fireballs and takes three hits to die.

Begin to push the yellow block to the right. You will find a hill with a dragon on top and two block points, one on each side.

Continue right of the block point hill and up this wall.

There is another yellow block. Push it down and put it in the block point.

Now a red button is open, jump on top of it. A timer will begin when you get off. Head to the top where you found the second yellow block.

The blue blocks are gone now, jump down the hole.

You will enter the underworld and be fling up with your momentum, like portals in the game Portal.

Continue to the left till you find this cross.

It will send you up to the top area we saw in the start.

Head into the door to finish the level.

Verge Compo Edition: Level 7

Start the level head to the right.

Jump into the water. A cool feature of the Comp Edition of Verge is that if you it jump right before you leave the water, you rocket your self up. Use this to hit the botton.(note: this is very tricky to pull off, but if you can it really helps.)

Jump on the button once you get up the to ledge.

Jump back in once you have hit the button.

Use momentum to land on this ledge.

Go past the first cross.

And head into this one.

When you come out you will find a button, hit it. Now for the tricky part of this level, you have to get the yellow block from here back to the other side. Try to get the block on your head, because it will stay up there.

Go back to the drop left of the first cross and jump to flip to the overworld.

Start moving to the left when you come back up.

To drop the block in, jump into the corner to push it off your head.

Now you can head into the door and move on to level eight.

Verge Compo Edition: Level 8

Start by going right.

When you hit this button you are timed to run past where the blue blocks were.

Do the same as before.

After running past the blue block you will find a tunnel of spikes, make sure not to die.

At the end of the tunnel, there is a place to put a yellow block and up the way above you to get it.

Becare as there are dragons up here.

Now push the block back down. If it gets stuck, head back up and press the yellow button.

On the other side of the blue block wall, there is a pit. Jump in.

Use the rocket trick to get past this section quickly.

When you reach this platform head up and jump down. Use the rocket trick to get to the final spot.

Once you get up here, head left.

When you get off this button you are timed to get across.

This is the same as before, but smaller.

Once you past the second part head left to finish.

Press this button.

Now head into the door to finish level 8.

Verge Compo Edition: Level 9

Go to the right.

Continue to the right.

Again. Right.

Just keep going...

And yeah. That's level nine. There would be an angel but he does no show if you use level select, like I did.

That's Verge Compo Edition. If you use this guide to help for a youtube video, you can. Just remeber to give credit where credit is due.