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Verge Compo Edition Walkthrough Verge Compo Edition: Level 4

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As you head right you will find a tunnel of spikes, avoid getting hit by these.

If, in case, anyone of these spikes get you, getting heading left in the underworld and you will find a cross to start over again.

When you get to the other side, jump on the button.

When you do, a yellow block will fall.

Push the block to the left by running into it. Yellow block go into the dotted outlines with the organge dots.

When you place the yellow block in the hole the blue blocking this spike pit.

Jump back on the button and notice that this red wall will block the cross. Remeber what happens when you block a cross?

Jump down into the pit and make a breck for the cross.

And you show up here, if you were quick enough. Head left to find the door.

Two enemies will be there to congrant you for your great puzzle solving skills.

Show them your great jumping skill on or over thier heads and continue left to enter the door.