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Verge Compo Edition Walkthrough Verge Compo Edition: Level 7

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Start the level head to the right.

Jump into the water. A cool feature of the Comp Edition of Verge is that if you it jump right before you leave the water, you rocket your self up. Use this to hit the botton.(note: this is very tricky to pull off, but if you can it really helps.)

Jump on the button once you get up the to ledge.

Jump back in once you have hit the button.

Use momentum to land on this ledge.

Go past the first cross.

And head into this one.

When you come out you will find a button, hit it. Now for the tricky part of this level, you have to get the yellow block from here back to the other side. Try to get the block on your head, because it will stay up there.

Go back to the drop left of the first cross and jump to flip to the overworld.

Start moving to the left when you come back up.

To drop the block in, jump into the corner to push it off your head.

Now you can head into the door and move on to level eight.