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Verge Compo Edition Walkthrough Verge Compo Edition: Level 6

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We start the level with the door so close yet so far. Head down to the left.

One your way down you will meet a new enemy, a blue dragon. He shoots two fireballs and takes three hits to die.

Begin to push the yellow block to the right. You will find a hill with a dragon on top and two block points, one on each side.

Continue right of the block point hill and up this wall.

There is another yellow block. Push it down and put it in the block point.

Now a red button is open, jump on top of it. A timer will begin when you get off. Head to the top where you found the second yellow block.

The blue blocks are gone now, jump down the hole.

You will enter the underworld and be fling up with your momentum, like portals in the game Portal.

Continue to the left till you find this cross.

It will send you up to the top area we saw in the start.

Head into the door to finish the level.