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Verge Compo Edition Walkthrough Verge Compo Edition: Level 8

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Start by going right.

When you hit this button you are timed to run past where the blue blocks were.

Do the same as before.

After running past the blue block you will find a tunnel of spikes, make sure not to die.

At the end of the tunnel, there is a place to put a yellow block and up the way above you to get it.

Becare as there are dragons up here.

Now push the block back down. If it gets stuck, head back up and press the yellow button.

On the other side of the blue block wall, there is a pit. Jump in.

Use the rocket trick to get past this section quickly.

When you reach this platform head up and jump down. Use the rocket trick to get to the final spot.

Once you get up here, head left.

When you get off this button you are timed to get across.

This is the same as before, but smaller.

Once you past the second part head left to finish.

Press this button.

Now head into the door to finish level 8.