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Verge Compo Edition Walkthrough Verge Compo Edition: Level 2

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Start by going to your right, you will find an enemy. Jump on him twice to kill him.

Continue to the right and you find an other enemy.

You find a pit of spikes. You have no where to go but down.

However, when you fall you didn't get a game over! This is part of the gameplay, going between life and death.

In the underworld you will find these ghost enemies, when one touches you, start hitting all the arrow keys to get them off. If your bar empties when in the underworld, you will get a gameover.

Continue to the right.

You will find these blocks. Jump across them to get up.(or down?)

On the other side you will find a black block with a cross on it. Press up when standing on it.

Poof! Your back in the over world. Those black blocks are one of your ways to get back from the underworld. Press the button to the left and go back to the start.

Jump up on the block above the start.

Jump to the new red block platform.

Head into the door to finish level 2.