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Warcraft 3: Reign of Chaos Walkthrough Orc 3: Cry of the Warsong

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This mission requires you to do a bit of base building actually. Also, you get to start the action from the very beggining.

Like a few undead missions, you have to destroy a base before you're able to make your own, but this time you even get help.

Start building a base while your forces are attacking the human one.

Also, build a few burrows in the meantime...

...and an altar of storm.

You can start a war mill as well, since a base takes a long time to build. War mills allow you to get upgrades.

Make a few peons and giggle at the silly trolls. 5 for gold mine and 5 for lumber.

Start upgrades asap, you want to get each and every one.

When you have the money, build 2 barracks.

Also, upgrade your great hall to a fortress.

When they're done, start building whatever you like actually. You can build a bunch of grunts or a bunch of troll headhunters. Make sure you have 1 catapult before you break the 40 supply limit, and after that get a second one though.

You can attack as soon as you have 40 supply. I opted to go for a lot of headhunters. You can attack whichever base you want (i recommend attacking the blue one with grom OR at least breaking the 40 supply first).

I attacked the base to the west. After you take it, build 5 peons and expand.

I destroyed all the bases just for the optional objective, you can just attack the blue base whenever you want, it's extremely easy to take over.

After you're done with the blue base, start heading north.

You'll find a bunch of harpies.

After you've defeated them, hire 2 two zepelins and fly them to your base.

After they're there, the mission will end.