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Warcraft 3: Reign of Chaos Walkthrough Orc 6: Where Wyverns Dare

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This mission is base building and creating an army again.

Start off by creating peons as usual.

Upgrades like always are a priority.

Go southeast until you find a green fountain to pick up a sidequest.

Also make an Altar of storms, and upgrade your stronghold to a fortress afterwards.

Just pick up every upgrade you can for now.

A beastiary would help as the enemies have flying units, and raiders would be invaluable against them.

Start moving out of your base with your army. Our goal is to complete the quest with the green fountain.

To do that, we have to kill the centaur over here.

The big one is the target, but he has reincarnation so you should probably kill all of them anyway. Careful though, since they might kill off most of your units.

In your final army you will want to have ~3 witch doctors and ~3 shamans.

I was only left with my 2 heroes and a headhunter after the big battle with the centaur, shouldn't be too much of a problem recovering though.

For some reason i never had enough lumber so i decided to build 2 additional peons.

You will also want to build 1 kodo and upgrade it so it has it's aura.

The next sidequest you will want to do is the one with the harpies and wyverns.

To complete it, you have ot kill the harpies at this location.

After doing that, the next priority would be to create an expansion. Create the needed peons (you should have a total of 15).

The army you will want to have before attacking the blue base is like this: ~3 shamans, ~3 witchdoctors, 2 catapults and fill up the rest of the supply with headhunters and taurens. If you have additional units, like raiders/grunts/wyverns don't kill them off, just keep them.

To be able to attack the blue base you will need 3-4 zepelins. 3 were just enough for me, you might need more depending on the headhunter/grunt/raider count.

You can unload your units on the southern ledge of the base, since it's the only one that's unprotected by towers.

Destroying the base should be pretty easy, since you should be swarming it all over with your forces. After you're done, you will complete the mission.