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Warcraft 3: Reign of Chaos Walkthrough Night Elf 1: Enemies at the Gate

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First night elf mission. You start with a bunch of units, 4 wisps, and a tree of life. Root the tree near the goldmine so it can entangle the goldmine.

While the gold mine is being entangled, you can order your wisps to get wood. Gathering lumber with wisps does not destroy the tree.

There is an optional objective right below your base, that requires you to find a bunch of bears. They are spread all over the map, usually to the north or south.

To raise supply cap, you have to build moon wells. Moon wells also allow you to heal units with their mana. They regenerate mana only during the night.

Some of your units can also use the skill "Hide" to make them invisible, but it only works during the night.

First bears you need to find are over here.

Make 2 ancients of war in your base. It will consume the wisp though, so you will have to make another one. Usually only the ancients and the tree of life consume wisps when being created.

When you have enough wisps and 2 ancients, create an expansion at this location.

Make archers constantly.

There are also 3 free archers at this possition.

After you have ~60-70 supply with or without the furbolgs, you can attack. The enemy base.

Only thing you need to do is kill the palading, nothing more.

After you've done so, you will complete the mission.