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Warcraft 3: Reign of Chaos Walkthrough Orc 5: The Hunter of Shadows

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This one can be a bit hard. You start off with 4 bases.

But three of them get attacked and destroyed right away. I suggest you take all of the peons you have in the three western bases and move them to the southeastern one.

Start researching nets and make 3 raiders.

You could also make a few additional towers, but it's not required.

Start troll regen, make a few headhunters then upgrade the grunt's health and make 2-3 grunts.

Also, start upgrading the witch doctors ASAP. Their master upgrade allows you to put up healing wards, which is the first heal you get within the orc missions.

Goal of this mission is to kill Cenarius, which is impossible at this point as he has Divine type armor, which means you can't deal damage to him.

After the witch doctor upgrades, get the shaman ones. The masters shaman one allows you to use Bloodlust, which increases attack speed by a lot.

After the night elves have finished with your 3 bases, they will attack your main one head on.

It might be hard with so many flying units, but use the raiders and the healing wards and you should do it easily.

Start upgrades after all that fuzz.

Start an expansion to the north. Should be fairly easy to defend, especially if you build a few towers.

Build 2 catapults when you can.

Also, you will want to have ~3 shamans and 3 witch doctors. The healing and bloodlust are invaluable.

Make second barracks and when you have ~50 supply you'll be ready to move out.

Leave a few forces in your base and start building more ASAP, since you want to protect your base while your main army is away.

You will want to go north with your main army.

When you reach the trees over here, destroy them with your catapults.

Just continue forward with your main army. You will find a portal and satyrs in your way, should be easy enough destroying them.

You will reach a red fountain protected by a few satyrs.

After you kill the satyrs...

...your orcs will be transformed into fel orcs. Now you deal Chaos damage with attacks, allowing you to attack cenarius without any issues.

After your forces are back to your base and (assuming you've been building more units) you can attack straight away.

I chose to attack the south base for no reason, you can attack the north one if you want to.

After destroying the base, Cenarius will arive with a few units.

Killing him should be easy enough.

After you've killed him, you will complete the mission.