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Warcraft 3: Reign of Chaos Walkthrough Orc 4: The Spirits of Ashenvale

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This mission you get one of the most powerful orc heroes, Grom the Blademaster.

You also start with no goldmine.

Make 4 peons, so you have a total of 10.

After that, wait for your peons to chop down the trees.

After they do so, quickly squeeze out of there and attack the incoming night elves.

When you get out, there will be a gold mine just outside. Expand to it, don't make additional peons since you already have enough.

Also, kill the wisps around. Will give your hero some free experience.

There is an optional quest to the east of the gold mine.

There will be air units this mission that will attack your base, make sure you prepare with raiders or at least with headhunters. Also, start upgrades.

Scout around with Grom so you get some vision.

Don't engage anywhere though, you don't want taking too much damage because the night elves are quite agressive this mission when they attack you, and might deal a lot of damage, possibly killing your hero.

Start upgrades and i suggest you start making a lot of headhunters. Make sure you have 2-3 grunts to take damage while the trolls are dishing out more. Also, make a catapult and a second one when you break the 40 supply.

There is a tome of agility over here.

When you take it a few ghosts will appear, but your hero will be able to deal with them solo.

When you feel comfortable with your forces, and you've scouted with your hero, go and attack the south outpost.

Destroying the Tree of Ages will give you 3000 lumber for free.

After destroying the base, kill off the troll camp and expand. Make 5 peons.

After securing the second expansion, you will want to start attacking other places.

I recommend the base to the left, because it is quite close to your expansion, and because it has a gold mine in it.

First time assulting the base led to getting my army destroyed, but in the background i kept remaking my units. Also, if i haven't said it yet, if you're getting too much gold and not able to spend it, make more production buildings. I had 2-3 barracks at that point in the game.l

After remaking my army, i attacked as soon as possible.

Since i had destroyed most of my things with the first wave, it was easy destroying the base with the second one.

After you've destroyed the base, make an expansion but don't build more peons, because the gold mine from the first base should be gone by now.

After you're done with that base, you can attack whatever you want. You should have enough forces to destroy any base on the map, or do the optional objective. Or you can just stay back and gather lumber.

I did the optional objective and attacked the base to the northwest. After i destroyed it, i had enough lumber and finished the whole mission.