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Warcraft 3: Reign of Chaos Walkthrough Undead 8: Under the Burning Sky

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This is an another "Defend for 30 minutes" mission, this one's harder though.

There are 3 points they are going to attack, north, east and your main base to the west.

The AI cheated a little and build ziggurats where there isn't supposed to be any creep. But anyway, get all of the idle works and move them souteast.

Over to this goldmine.

You should grab the expansion as early as possible, as the income is invaluable.

You wanna start your black citadel ASAP to start getting the frost wyrms.

Also upgrades, and for some reason this is the only mission where the ghouls don't start harvesting lumber automatically, so make sure you do get them to do their job.

Make 2 acolytes, one for the east side and one for the north side. I decided to build a necropolis on both sides and upgrade them to black citadels, since it is a very very hard to kill structure and it does deal a lot of damage.

Don't make any additional fiends, instead try to not lose the ones you have. Also, the necromancers aren't a big deal if you lose them, they won't be too helpful.

Also, get web for your fiends. Really useful.

As soon as you have the black citadel, make a boneyard and start building frost wyrms asap.

Kel'Thuzad will send you a few units for free from time to time. They also do not use supply. The last badge of units is incredibly powerful.

Doesn't matter if you go above 70 supply on this mission, just make as many frost wyrms as you can.

At some point in time, you can make another black citadel to the north and to the west, it doesn't really matter though. I had a lot of gold to spare so i found a way to use it up.

At 10 minutes remaining, you will get 4 infernals from the legion. Those will be the last reinforcements sent, and the most powerful. I just kept them around Kel'Thuzad for protection though.

At a min and 30 seconds remaining, the humans will start sending out endless waves. At this point onward, you can just stop caring about the game since they won't be able to break the black citadels in time to kill Kel'Thuzad. When timer expires, you will complete the mission.