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Warcraft 3: Reign of Chaos Walkthrough Undead 4: Key of the Three Moons

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You start off like the last mission.

With the bonus of a new unit this time, the fiend. One of the best undead units in my opinion.

First you have to destroy the small outpost over here.

After that, just haunt the gold mine and build a necropolis.

If you go to the east, you will find 2 zepelins.

After the necropolis is done, build 3 ziggurats.

A graveyard.

Another acolyte when the ziggurats are done.

A crypt.

Halls of the dead.

Start the creature damage and armor upgrades asap.

Start building fiends until you have ~40 supply.

Now you can also get level 2 upgrades. You need halls of the dead to research them.

After you have ~40 supply, get your units inside the zepelins and go east.

Make a temple of the damned and a slaughterhouse in the meantime.

Unload your units just over the runes.

Destroying the altar of kings over here will give you a Mooncrystal. You need to collect 3 in total.

After you've razed the base, get an acolyte and haunt the goldmine and make 5 more acolytes. Now you can start building fiends until you're 70/70 supply. You can also make 4 necromancers for the skeletons.

You can go through the waygate over here.

You will be teleported to an area, with 2 other waygates that take you to the other 2 mooncrystals. This will be the main point to keep your army at.

There is, of course, an elven outpost over here, which shouldn't be too hard to take care of.

I recommend also building a second meat wagon.

After you have a ~70/70 army you'll be ready to attack the next base for the next mooncrystal.

Sylvanas is in this base, but she shouldn't be too much of a problem.

The base shouldn't be too hard, just make sure you focus down units and production structures with your fiends and try to not lose any.

After you've gotten all the mooncrystals, you will have to use goblin zepelins to go to the last area.

Get Arthas to the circle, and the mission will be complete.