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Warcraft 3: Reign of Chaos Walkthrough Human 8: Dissension

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In this mission you start off with 2 heroes and 2 mortar teams.

You won't get any base building or things.

Always use mortars against towers or the necromancers.

You will find a mercenary camp over here. Additional instant units for the cost of gold.

There are a few skeletons with the Goblin Night Scope to the northwest. It allows you to see more when it's night.

To complete the mission, you have to destroy 5 ships before the timer expires.

To the south there are a few spiders with small buildings that will spawn more if you do not destroy them.

Right after the spiders, you will find another ship with another mercenary camp.

You can destroy trees with your mortar teams. There is a hidden place over here.

There is a frost revenant that drops a...

...Sobi Mast. Quite useful, especially since we don't have Jaina.

After destroying those trees, you have to destroy the ones to the right.

There are a bunch of dragons after destroying the trees. If you need help with them, there is a mercenary camp with some trolls that can ensnare them.

Next place is a bunch of towers. You can easily get past them by buying 2 amulets of recall, or less if you have lost units.

Get through the towers with your hero only...

...and then use the amulets of recall.

Now there is one more ship waiting. If you want to do it real quick, you can just get Muradin to run through everything and use storm bolt on the ship.

Or you can just do it the normal way, make sure you focus down the necromancers.

In the end there's a semi-big undead force. Should be easy enough going through.

Mission ends after the destruction of the last ship.

Human 9: Frostmourne

This mission is the last human mission. You start off with 2 heroes and a few units, and a base on a completely different place to control.

Make sure you do control the base. Make all the upgrades you can.

And in the meantime, continue pushing forward with your heroes.

Grab every upgrade you can in your base, and remember to build peasants or you will run out of resources quickly.

The undead will attack your base occasionally.

You might want to do the graveyard part with the heroes only.

Since the banshees that spawn will posses your units if you do not kill them fast enough. They can't posses heroes.

The last part should be easy, just surround the revenant with your units while he is having a chat with arthas.

After you kill the revenant...

You will lose Muradin, but Arthas will become really powerful.

While in the base, try to get every upgrade possible.

My strategy was to get 2 more sorceresses, 1 more priest and as many gryphon riders as i can without going above 70 food.

You can do that and destroy Mal'Ganis' base or you can be a total badass and destroy the purple undead base with Arthas alone.

Either way, destroying the undead base should be a peace of cake after you have around 70 supply of units.

After you destroy every building the mission will end.