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Warcraft 3: Reign of Chaos Walkthrough Human 7: The Shores of Northrend

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You start off with a few footmen, a priest and arthas.

3 wolves to the south, not difficult.

More to the east.

A big one in the small space over here.

Ice trolls to the east.

Big spiders to the north, that drop a relatively useful item.

An orb of frost, it slows enemies with your attacks, really useful.

When you go to the east... will gain control of a base and a new hero.

Start off with peasants and an altar of kings.

You will also need a farm. TIP: If you haven't noticed already, you can use multiple peasants to create a building faster, but it uses more resources.

Also, make a blacksmith to start the upgrades as early as possible.

A lumber mill wouldn't hurt either.

Start the keep as soon as you have enough peasants for wood and gold.

The undead will attack you from time to time.

Build an arcane sanctum as soon as you get the keep.

And like always, you can go and kill off a few neutral creeps, no disadvantages. Just try to not lose units.

Upgrade priests and sorceresses asap.

You could also make a workshop for a few mortar teams, as they will be useful.

When you feel confident with your army, you can go and attack the purple undead base.

Shouldn't be too hard, just focus down the spirit towers.

After destroying the base, you can go to the dwarven one to gain a few extra units and an expansion with a gold mine.

After you do so, you should have a big enough army to destroy the green undead base.

Make sure you send in the tank first, as that thing is almost unkillable.

Tell the mortars to attack the production buildings, the tank should focus down the towers and your units should attack enemy units or the necropolis.

After you destroy the undead base, you will complete the mission.