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Warcraft 3: Reign of Chaos Walkthrough Human 3: Ravages of the Plague

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This is like the first human mission, except now you have 2 heroes.

The second one, Jaina, starts with an ability called Water Elemental.

It summons a, well, water elemental to fight for you.

You will find a bunch of bandits attacking your villagers. You should be able to easily stop them.

This mission should be pretty easy.

You will meet 3 footmen fightning skeleton archers. Upon doing so, your footmen will gain the ability "Deflect" which gives a lot of protection against projectiles and has a chance to deflect therm at the enemies.

To the west is the fountain of health, which you need to reach in order to do the optional objective. Whenever you have units near it, they will be healed a lot quicker.

Going south you will find a bunch of skeletons and a necromancer.

Make sure you kill him, because he can spawn even more skeletons.

South you will find 2 priests, they can heal and dispel magic/summons (like the skeletons or the water elementals)

West you will find a mortar team. He has a really long attack range and is really useful against buildings.

To the north of the mortar team, you will find an abominations, skeletons and a few ghouls.

After you have defeated them, the mission will end.