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Warcraft 3: Reign of Chaos Walkthrough Human 2: Blackrock and Roll

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This is another tutorial mission, for the human base building this time. Start off by making peasants.

And a farm when you can. Make sure you have around 5 peasants per gold mine, except this map. Make 6 for the gold mine because the town hall is extra far away.

As soon as you have the money, build a barracks.

Try to continuously make peasants until you have 6 for the gold mine and 5-7 for the lumber.

Order arthas to destroy the few crates to the left, they have an item.

Build another farm when you're done with the barracks. Start building footmen with the barracks.

Go with arthas outside of the base, to this dwarven encampment.

Also, continue producing footmen whenever you can.

Also, build two more farms after you get the dwarves, because your supply will skyrocket.

Go with arthas and the riflemen east to the dragon's lair.

You will find a big dragon, you should be able to take care of him with arthas and the riflemen, just remember to heal them up.

Use the blacksmith to make upgrades.

By now, you should have 5 footmen.

As soon as you do, attack the orc encampent to the northeast.

There are a few grunts and trolls in your way, nothing too problematic though.

You will find a blademaster there.

After you kill him, you will complete the mission.