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Warcraft 3: Reign of Chaos Walkthrough Human 1: The Defense of Strahnbrad

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You start off with Arthas, a paladin and 4 footmen. Arthas' first spell is holy light, it heals for 200 or deals 100 damage to an undead unit.

Go down.

Stop following the road and go as south as you can.

You will find 2 people here.

Get arthas near the one with an exclamation point over his head and they will join your cause.

Go south and you will find a side quest.

To complete it, you have to destroy the gnoll camp east of the questgiver.

Should be easy enough.

After you do so, you will get a ring of protection.

After you're done, go north of the road.

There is an npc over here.

It ends up being an ambush.

After you take care of it, you will get a scroll of healing as a reward.

Go east, you will find bandits and a questgiver.

The quest is to chase the bandits off and kill the leader.

In this fight you might want to use Holy Light once or twice. Tip: When you click on the spell, you can click on one of your units on the bottom to heal it.

After you're done and back to the questgiver, he will give you a tome of strength.

Go north, you will find some orcs.

Slay all the orcs in your path.

You can go southwest and you will find 3 footmen fighting two grunts.

Go northwest to fight the miniboss.

After you're done with him...

You will finish the main quest and complete the level.