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Warcraft 3: Reign of Chaos Walkthrough Human 5: March of the Scourge

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This mission you start off with zombies attacking you from the get-go.

Goal of the mission is to survive for 30 minutes from the incomming undead attacks.

Make an arcane sanctum and a few peasants.

Start upgrades asap as well, they are super useful.

The undead attack from 3 different locations, northwest, southwest and northeast. Don't bother defending the northeast location too much, as it gets attacked rarely.

You can destroy the building to the southeast.

Behind it there's a crate, with a sheep inside.

Kill the sheep and you get a potion of restoration.

Quick tip, you can build farms in front of the towers, that way ghouls and abominations are going to have a harder time reaching them.

Upgrade your sorceresses and priests and build a few of them. Make sure you don't exceed 40 food.

After some time, a few meat wagons, ghouls and necromancers will appear. You can kill them to complete a side mission that gives a pretty nice item.

I took 4 footmen and arthas to take care of it, it was a bit hard with such a small force but it is doable.

When you reach the fountain, a few ogres will attack you. Make sure to back off at first.

They will go back once you're far enough.

After they've reset, you can use the fountain all you want.

Make sure you focus the necromancers when attacking the orange forces.

It can be a bit tricky with the meat wagons though, try to dodge their attacks because they are quite powerful.

I managed to do it all with 3 footmen lost only.

Make sure you always cast the sorceress spell "Slow" on the abominations.

I got a sorceress and 4 footmen just to fight the ogres.

I used the sorceress just for the slow. It should be pretty easy once they are slowed down.

The big ogre drops a big item that gives 3 strength once you kill him.

At around 8 minutes left, you will want to start building an army.

Quick tip: You can find boots of speed over here, a pretty useful item in my opinion. I forgot to grab it earlier so i had to do it right as the mission ended.

Also, the final wave shouldn't be too hard at all, if you have a 90 supply army or something close to it. Even not without having an army it should be easy enough, since they won't be able to destroy all of your buildings in time.