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Warcraft 3: Reign of Chaos Walkthrough Human 4: The Cult of the Damned

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Another base building mission, just as easy as the last one.

Start off with making peasants and a farm.

Get your heroes east and attack neutral monsters for experience.

Remember to keep making peasants until you have 5 for the gold mine and 5-7 for the lumber.

Neutral camps can have items and there are really no disadvantages to killing them as early as possible.

Make a lumber mill when you have the gold to spend.

You can upgrade your town hall to a keep, which gives you the ability to make better units.

Remember to make lots of farms, but you don't need to go over 40 supply of the max this mission, since it isn't that hard to begin with.

Also, make a blacksmith for upgrades.

And produce a few footmen, but never go above 40 supply, since that gives you upkeep and reduces your gold income by 30%

After your keep is done, make an arcane sanctum. It will allow you to build and upgrade priests.

After you have around 30-40 supply, you should be ready to attack the undead base.

Just make sure you kill the necromancers quickly and heal your units with holy light.

Try to not lose any units, and kill off the buildings attacking you since they deal a lot of damage. Water elementals and holy light are incredibly useful.

After you've destroyed the undead base, go east.

You will find a bunch of abominations to the northeast. They shouldn't be too hard if you keep using holy light on them, because if you have the level 3 it will deal 300 damage.

After the abominations, there is Kel'Thuzad. He is extremely easy. After you're done with him, the mission will end.