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Warcraft 3: Reign of Chaos Walkthrough Human 6: The Culling

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The objective of this mission is to kill 100 villagers before Mal'Ganis.

Make a blacksmith and a few peasants.

Also a few footmen, around 2-3 and add them to your main Arthas army.

To kill villagers, destroy a house.

After doing so, villagers will appear. Kill them.

If you don't kill them quickly enough, they will turn into zombies. Not to worry though, they still give you points.

After Mal'Ganis appears for the first time, just kill him. It should be really easy, and with enough control you shouldn't lose any units.

Quick tip: If he uses his magic to make a unit of yours fall asleep, you can attack the unit to wake it up.

When you have a keep, build an arcane sanctum for the usefull sorceresses and priests.

Start upgrades asap as well.

And start making units at your base, since the undead will attack it from time to time.

Right after the keep, start building the castle, which enables more upgrades and building types.

Second time Mal'Ganis comes around, you can defeat him again. It shouldn't be too much of a hassle if you heal your forces up.

Also, don't go above 40 food so you're not losing any income.

Third time Mal'Ganis comes around, you wouldn't need to bother with him. You're already far in the lead with the villagers, so you can just race him to the goal instead.

After you have 100, you will complete the mission.