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Warcraft 3: Reign of Chaos Walkthrough Undead 1: Trudging through Ashes

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This mission is a stealth mission.

You have to get to the red humans and you have to survive.

When you go near one of the red humans, he will turn into an acolyte.

You first spell is like holy light, but instead of healing units, it deals damage to them, and instead of dealing damage to undead units, it heals them.

Second acolyte is over here.

You get a shade over here, which will be really useful.

You can scout the area around without getting seen by the humans.

Next acolyte is over here.

Next one, over here.

Next one is over here. You can wait for the humans patroling to be in a suitable for you possition, and then just run for the acolyte, and then running away.

Like so, notice all of the human citizens on the right, alerting the guards.

After talking to the acolyte, just go to the north to over here. This is a safe zone.

Get your ghouls to over there as well.-

Next acolyte is here.

Next one is over here. You can just run up to him and death coiling the walking citizen.

Next one is over here, you do not get seen by standing there of course.

If the knight sees you, it shouldn't be too much of a hassle, you should be able to easily kill him.

When you get to the graves over here... will get some reinforcements.

You can just attack this whole are with your forces, it shouldn't be an issue. Just try to not lose units.


The next one is protected by a bunch of thugs.

I took the ghouls only, because i was afraid the skeletons might die in this encounter, since i did not have any mana at that time.

Next one comes out right after you destroy the gate.

I recommend killing the footmen in front of the gate, as they are only staying in the way.

Next one is over here, just grab him and run away with your death knight.

I recommend killing off the knight to the south, over here.

And the other 2 footmen patrolling the area.

Next one is over here.

Next, i recommend you kill of the 2 footmen and the captain over here, as they are guarding a bunch of acolytes.

Get these acolytes, and you should complete the mission.