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Warcraft 3: Reign of Chaos Walkthrough Undead 2: Digging up the Dead

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You start off with a few Ghouls, your hero and 3 meat wagons. Meat wagons are the siege units of the undead, like mortar teams are for the humans.

You have to kill a few footmen and a hero in this first sequence. By the way, careful with the meat wagons as they deal a lot of damage and might screw up your ghouls.

You can kill the tower with the meat wagons, thus not taking any damage from it.

You shouldn't really lose any units, unless you get distracted like i do in a bit.

Here is the first hero you have to kill. He can be incredibly annoying since he has Holy Light.

After you're done with the paladin, just go into the circle with your hero.

After you're done with that sequence, you will get to build a base. Start off by haunting the gold mine, that enables you to get minerals, and putting up a necropolis.

You can make other buildings only on creep, which means you will have to wait until you can build more.

While waiting, i decided to kill the neutral camp over here.

Now you can build other buildings. Ziggorats help expand creep. Build 3 of them.

Make a graveyard, it allows you to get upgrades. Also, the only way to harvest wood is with ghouls, unlike the other races. Usually you want 4-5 ghouls harvesting lumber.

When you have the gold, upgrade your Necropolis to Halls of the Dead.

And build a crypt when you have the gold to do so.

You can order your meat wagons to gather corpses, for later use. Like your hero's ultimate, which will require corpses, or ghouls cannibalize ability.

Make sure you also start the upgrades asap.

For now, you just want to build ghouls until you're ~40/40 supply.

After that, you'll be ready to attack.

The second paladin has the annoying spell Divine Shield. You will have to wait until it runs out.

There's a potion of mana in the crates over here.

Use your meat wagons to destroy the buildings.

The next paladin should be fairly easy, since he does not have Divine Shield.

Try not to lose many units, but if you do, don't worry as you can just remake them.

You can pull the last paladin without any units helping him.

Surround him while he has his divine shield, so he is unable to escape.

Killing him should be easy if you do so.

After you kill him, he will drop an item. After you pick it up, the mission will end.