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Warcraft 3: Reign of Chaos Walkthrough Undead 5: The Fall of Silvermoon

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You start off with a base and a few units. Start with upgrades.

Upgrade your halls of the dead to a black citadel, the next tier.

Also build a slaugther house and a temple of the damned if you're going to use necromancers.

A bit after the night elf base "sends a runner" you will gain control of 4 gargoyles. That's the first flying undead unit you will have. Not too powerful, but really good against other air units.

You can build a second crypt for the better fiend production.

I recommend a meat wagon, and a second one after you break the 40 supply. But for now, you will try to keep yourself below 40 supply.

After having a few fiends, finishing the creature upgrades and having a wagon, you can attack the blue high elf base.

As per usualy, wagons on buildings.

You might have some trouble with killing Sylvanas.

Try to back your fiends away when fighting her, because she deals a lot of damage.

I managed to lose 2 fiends just for fighting her, which is quite problematic.

After taking her out, the rest should be easy.

Make 5 acolytes.

Make an expansion on the newly razed high elf city.

If you used ghouls instead of fiends until now, i suggest you stop, because the next target will have a lot of ground damage and will destroy your ghouls. Either mass fiends or gargoyles.

After destroying the blue base, you will get Sylvanas as a unit. She has two spells, curse and anti-magic shield. The curse causes units to occasionally miss when attack and the other spell speaks for itself.

After you have an around 70/70 army, you will be able to take on Silvermoon.

There are some neutral creeps with a mercenary camp over here. Since i had 2 supply left, i hired a troll priest.

Nothing special in the base really.

There are, however, 4 quite powerful rock golems right at the sunwell.

If you had ghouls, they would've been pulverized. Fiends, and *probably* gargoyles are able to deal with it.

Kill the golems, bring arthas to the circle and the mission will end.