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Warcraft 3: Reign of Chaos Walkthrough Undead 7: The Siege of Dalaran

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This one you start off with a lot of units. First thing you wanna do is get 2 ghouls from that group and order them to gather lumber.

Next, you wanna start upgrades.

Third, black citadel.

To the west, next to the slaughterhouse there is a third meat wagon.

Destroy the 2 towers with your meat wagons.

After the towers are dead, charge with your forces towards the mage to the north. There is an aura that turns your units purple and deals ~10 damage per second to your *undead units.

By the way, don't worry about the ghouls dying since they are completely worthless during this mission, because of the aura.

Attack the base to the west after killing the mage.

It barely has any units in it, so it should be extremely easy.

Get the disease upgrade, since it works for your abominations.

Build a few acolytes and take over this base asap. You have 2 extra ones in your base that the game gave to you for no reason, so you only need to make 3.

Make ~3 abominations when you have the gold. After they're done, you won't need to make anything else for the rest of the mission.

After you're done with the base, attack the small human party over here.

Destroying the boxes will give you non-undead units. Which means they will be able to go through the purple-death aura the mages are casting, without getting harmed.

Destroy the 2 towers and the few human units in this position.

After you've done so, take the rock golems over here...

They can throw their bolders at the mage from over here.

That's the easiest one of all the mages.

After you've dealt with him, go to the middle of the map and you'll find a fountain of health.

Heal up if you need to and go north-west. You'll find boots that give 6 agility, not entirely useful, but more importantly another cage.

After that, go east of the fountain of health and you'll find some human units with a golden box behind them. The golden box contains one of the most useful items you'll find in the undead campaign.

After taking the items, destroy the blue base to the east.

After you've destroyed it, go north with your heroes and a few abominations if you wish to, and kill the 4 human units.

Destroy the cages and you'll get the last non-undead units you'll get on this mission.

After you have it all, charge with your forces to over here. Destroy the baricades fast because the will block your units a lot.

There is a fountain of help that will help you immensely with that negative health regeneration.

After you're at the fountain, charge with all of your forces at Antonidas.

After you've killed him, the mission will end.