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Warcraft 3: Reign of Chaos Walkthrough Undead 3: Into the Realm Eternal

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You start off with a small army. You have to destroy the night elf base and build one of your own.

Should be fairly easy with the forces you start off with.

Soon before you're done, an enemy hero will attack you with 2 archers. She has fairly damaging attacks, so be careful because you will most probably lose your ghouls.

After the base is done, make 3 ziggurats.

A graveyard.

A crypt.

And an altar of darkness.

Upgrade your necropolis and start the cannibalize upgrade.

Start upgrades asap.

Build ghouls but don't go above 40/40.

After halls of the dead is really, make a Temple of the Damned, it is for spellcasters primarily.

And a slaughterhouse.

After you have around 40/40 supply, it will be time to attack.

Destroy the trees over here with the meat wagons.

You will find a small high elf base to the south. Should be fairly easy to destroy.

Like always, use meat wagons on towers and buildings only.

In the meantime, train 1 more acolyte.

After the said acolyte is trained and the keep is destroyed, make a haunted gold mine.

Build 4 additional acolytes to mine from there.

Building a necropolis shouldn't hurt either.

It's time to create more troops. Make 2-3 more necromancers and make more ghouls until you are ~70/70 supply.

After you're around 70/70 or close to it, attack the blue base to the east.

There is a small outpost in the way, that should be fairly easy to destroy.

After you have destroyed the said base, the mission will end.