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Warcraft 3: Reign of Chaos Walkthrough Prologue 2. Departures

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Second mission of the tutorial. This one is about base building. Select your people and then order it to mine by right clicking.

Select the great hall and wait for enoug gold to build another peon. Each one is 90 gold.

In the mean time, you can start exploring with your hero. There is a camp over here.

After a bit, you should receive three peons for free. Use them to mine gold.

Also, use your hero to attack the gnoll camp, he should be able to survive.

When you have enough gold, build a Burrow. To do that, press on a peon and on the command card click on the Build Structure button. After that, possition the burrow somewhere, it doesn't matter where.

There should be some more gnolls after the first two, your hero alone should be able to take care of them, just remember to use your spells.

Build around 5 peons for the gold mine and 5-7 to gather lumber.

When you have the recources, build a barracks somewhere.

After that, make a war mill as close to the trees as you can.

When you get the barracks, start building grunts straight away.

Also, make one more burrow when you have spare recources.

Continue making grunts, until you have a total of 5.

You can also start researching upgrades from the war mill. They provide permanent bonuses for your units and need to be researched only once.

After you have 5 grunts, humans will attack your towers by the bridge.

Go through the bridge and follow the road. You can destroy the gate by right clicking it.

You will find humans and cages on your way.

When the cage is destroyed, it will provide you a free unit.

After a bit of human slaughtering and prisoner freeing, you will reach a checkpoint with 3 towers.

When you destroy the towers, you will complete the mission.