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Warcraft 3: Reign of Chaos Walkthrough Prologue 1. Chasing Visions

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This is the tutorial mission. To start off, select your hero by left clicking on him and then right clicking on the circle to order the hero to move there.

There are a few waypoints to go to, when you reach this one, you will gain...

...three units called grunts. Standard melee units for the orc.

Going forward, you'll find your first enemy. Attack it by right clicking on it.

When your character glows, it means he has gained a level. When you gain a level, you get an experience point.

To use it, click on the big red plus on the bottom right and then click on a spell you wish to learn. You only have one choise for now.

Chain lightning deals damage to multiple enemies.

After the sixth checkpoint, make sure to get the potion of healing from over here.

To grab it, right click on it with a hero, only heroes can carry items. When you get it, it will appear on the bottom right on the inventory screen.

Going forward you will find an ogre. You can skip it, since it's sleeping.

When you reach this point, go to the right.

You will find and fight a few golems.

When you defeat them, you will get a Ring of Protection +1. It increases the armor of you hero by 1.

While going forward, you should notice another way to the right just before the next checkpoint.

You will find a few sleeping forest trolls.

Defeat them to find a manual of health. It increases the health points of your hero permanently, without taking an inventory slot.

After you get to the last checkpoint, the mission will end.