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Warcraft 3: Reign of Chaos Walkthrough Orc 7: The Oracle

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This is one of those missions where you have enough units to complete it regardless, so i'm just going to show 2-3 screenshots for secrets in this mission.

There is a hidden room over here, after you destroy the gate.

The Blood Key you pick up over here... used for the door right above the place.

If you wait for the Hungry Hungry lizard to eat most of the mushrooms over here, you will gain access to an item called "Lion Horn of Stormwind" that gives a devotion aura (+2 armor i think)

Orc 8: By Demons Be Driven

This one is another one with base building. Use the same strategies with the last base building mission. Upgrades first, 3 shamans, 3 witch doctors, 2 catapults and as many tauren as you can. This time we won't need the headhunters.

If you've leveled up thrall's wolves ability first, you will be able to scour around the whole area of the map since they are invisible.

After you have made a bit of headhunters/grunts, attack this expansion spot over here. Has only 4 units and a watch tower, should be easy enough.

Expand right after, when you have the gold.

Next target is this expansion spot.

After some time, infernals will start spawning randomly on the map. They can be quite the pain, i believe they spawn every 2 minutes or so.

It is also incredibly easy for them to destroy buildings. They are weak to piercing damage though, which means that towers will be able to counter them.

Strategy against infernals is to build something like a burrow or another building and 3 towers behind it. That should be enough to destroy most, if not all infernals.

After you feel comfortable with your defenses and defeating a batch of infernals, start moving towards the expansion location to the east.

Make 5 peons and expand as usual.

After you have nearly 90 supply, you can start going towards Grom for your quest. Also remember to keep making taurens back in the base.

In these cages over here, you can find 2 headhunters and a witch doctor.

Destroying the first outpost should be easy enough, destroying the base should be as easy because they've already sent their forces towards you and you've killed them at the outpost.

Going after grom can be a bit harder, but with Cairne and his tauren, it shouldn't be too much of a problem.

Your units' attacks deal only 1 damage to grom, so killing him isn't too much of an option. And if you do kill him, he will just revive, so it's impossible to harm him.

Use the soul gem in Thralls inventory on him to trap his soul.

After that return to the circle to the southwest and you will complete the mission.