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Warcraft 3: Reign of Chaos Walkthrough Night Elf 3: The Awakening of Stormrage

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This mission comes with base building. Strategy: Make another ancient of war, around 12 more wisps (wood and expansion), upgrade ancient of life, ancient of lore and then make 2 ballistas, huntresses and dryads only. Upgrades are a priority.

Dryads are the anti-magic units of the night elves. They are immune to magic and can abolish enemy buffs and debuffs.

Expansion should be made at this location.

You can pick up your ancient protector and tell him to go somewhere else.

At ~70 supply (don't go over 70 though) you should attack the orc base. Goal of the mission is to go through it (easier if destroyed) and then kill 3 guardians.

I managed to lose most of my army while destroying the base, but you should have enough gold to remake it.

After you go through the orc base, there will be 3 heroes and owlbears in your way.

First one is quite easy, second one is kinda annoying.

Third one is the hardest one.