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Warcraft 3: Reign of Chaos Walkthrough Night Elf 7: Twilight of the Gods

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The last mission in the night elf campaign and in the entire game and the only time i forgot to start the recording software, but luckily enough it is not needed as the strategy is the same for the whole mission.

First you want to create 3-4 ancients of lore so you have a total of 4-5 and about 14 wisps for an expansion and lumber.

Second, you want to be getting only the night elf creature upgrades, and building only dryads and druids of the claw.

Third is getting one of the two expansions, i chose this one.

Fourth, you want to build ~7-8 moonwells on the human and on the orc base.

In this picture, my moonwells were already dead. Goal of the mission is to protect the three bases as long as you can.

If you cast tranquility on every wave, and starfall on the harder waves you will be able to easily fend the undead off. Usually the waves with Azgalor are the hardest. Later, Azgalor and Rage Winterchill will attack you in the same time.

Your combination of units is supposed to be 5-6 bears to tank the damage and the rest goes into dryads, because the undead uses a ton of magic throughout their attacks. Also because they deal a lot of damage to frost wyrms, doomguards and infernals, which are the scariest things the undead can attack you with.

Following that strategy, i managed to lose the human base at 2 minutes remaining. If i had 5-6 ancients of war (i had only 3) i probably would've never lost the human base to the undead.

After the timer has expired, you will complete the mission and the whole warcraft 3 campaign.