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Warcraft 3: Reign of Chaos Walkthrough Night Elf 4: The Druids Arise

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This mission can be a bit hard, but that's only if you lose too many units.

You start off with a bunch of unrooted buildings. Root all of them near the first gold mine over here, and make a bunch of wisps (you should have 10-12 in total)

Your strategy would be the same as last base mission, with only a few exceptions.

First, every goldmine has only 2000 gold, so you really have to put it to good use.

Second: You mustn't create any buildings, with the exceptions of moon wells. Later you should get enough to have a maximum of 70 supply.

So all in all: UPGRADES are really important, since you want your units surviving as much as they can, 2 ballista's, 10-12 wisps, moonwells for 70 supply cap and use the rest of the supply with huntresses and dryads.

The undead and the orcs will occasionally send flyers at each other, just try to ignore them and you won't have a good time if they get angry at you.

When you reach the furbolgs you will get an optional objective, to kill off every one of them.

After your gold mine has no more gold left, move your base to this one. I also recommend building most of your moonwells here.

If you're going to do the furbolgs quest, i recommend being very careful, since the big furry guy can kill quite a bit. I recommend using furion's entangle ability a lot on him.

After you've done (if you've decided doing it), build up your army until you have 70 supply and attack the human base to the east of this gold mine.

The base should be quite easy, since 70 supply is a lot more formidable than the human's probably 30 supply. Just try to not lose units.

After you're done with that base, retake it with your buildings.

After you go out of the base, you will get an objective and you will have to fight through a lot of undead bullshit, and it's really hard not to lose units here. One strategy is to use only your dryads to go through the forest, as they are magic immune, but i think the DPS of the huntresses will be needed.

The optional objective of the forest is to kill the death revenant located here.

After you've done so, the forest will undo the corruption and you won't have to fight anything when going through it again.

After you have rebuilt your units and you have ~70 supply again, go east to the next goldmine. When your current gold mine finishesm, you can move your base but i don't think it will be needed.

With your 70 supply army, you should be able to destroy the satyr base.

After destroying the base and bringing furion to the building over here, you will complete the mission.